Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Etiquette of the Art Critique

1. Never Critique without asking the artist first for permission, it is not your right unless you are personally paying them yourself. [ i.e you are the client].
2. Always aim the critique at the art not the artist, don’t get personal.
3. Frame your criticism in a constructive manner as you have a better chance in the artist hearing your criticism which should be the goal.
4. Be clear, and frame your comments in artistic terms rather than emotional terms that require interpretation.[ i.e. lighter or darker, not magical!]
5. Always keep in mind the time frame the artwork was done in so you are not criticizing a one day project with the standards of a month long one.
6. When entering a critique late ask what has been said so far as to not duplicate what has already been said.
7. Always have the artist repeat back what you have suggested to ensure that it was communicated correctly.
8. If you are not a professionally trained artist your chances of committing “foot in mouth” are drastically higher so leave the critiquing to the artists if at all possible for best results.
9. Be aware a critique is not a free for all, since anyone can give a critique, but not just anyone can give an accurate and proper informed one.
10. Be willing to be challenged in your critique as most comments contain some level of subjectiveness, and with some crit's, that is all they contain.

Cheers, THOM

I know, I know, IF ONLY!

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