Friday, October 30, 2009

Common Misconceptions about 3D

Common Misconceptions about 3D

1. 3D is a tool to draw in perspective.
FALSE-This is a very common misunderstanding that 3D is akin to drawing in perspective which is an illusion of 3D done on a flat surface to simulate space. In 3D we build using three dimensional geometric objects in a 3D workspace like Cones, Boxes, Spheres, and Cylinders. We can look at the scene from any angle or perspective or simply a top view with no perspective whatsoever. Think of 3D like this: it is not drawing, but building. If you look at the above image I used a curvilinear perspective technique perfected by M.C. Escher to give the illustion of a wrapping perspective 360.

2. 3D requires those funny glasses.
FALSE- 3D stereoscopic is a film and print technique that allows the viewer to view a stereoscopic image from two angles simultaneously so that your eyes together produces a combined vision that it has depth to it. Though 3D geometric objects work great in a 3D Stereoscopic view since they already are truly 3D, they are used primarily in standard imagery, and most of what is seen as stereoscopic is converted film footage.

3. 3D is always the most expensive solution.
FALSE- 3D should not be considered “the be all, end all” tool to use. Some things in 3D are very expensive and if 3D is the only tool used then yes 3D can get expensive. 3D is merely a tool that has the ability to produce certain results very quickly which would be near impossible in any other medium, and when used properly can be more economical in the long run.

4. 3D takes a very long time.
FALSE- 3D can be very quick to set up and with my existing library of pre built models , I visit the “Virtual Home Depot” and put together a scene with existing parts in a rapid fashion.

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