Thursday, November 14, 2013

Project Review: Tomb Raider 2 The Cradle of Life Part II- 3D Main Title Logo Looks

Here is the first title I did for Tomb Raider 2, it was a replication in sorts of what was finished in the print for the first film.

I was using procedural textures from Darkling Simulations early on, so I used a shader from the software and adjusted it to create a cement natural stone like texture.

 Another cement procedural, only this one I wrote in Dark Tree so I could get flat spots on the texture with the aged incursions eating into the font.

This is actually the rusty paint shader that I adjusted and added in a reflection channel that I could drop in the ray trace from the various renderers I use for reflections and then used the bit mapped sanded steel.

This is actually the lunar moon texture shader adjusted to create a s natural stone to match the theme of the second film in the fining of the ancient city.

A heavy rusted steel texture version. The green bottom lighting found on many comps as to connect to the aquatic theme in the second film.

A combo of rusty metal and stone for this pass as I blended procedurals for this pass.

A glass logo in a mild purple.

Another glass Tomb Raider 3D Logo look I created back in 02' with a blue like glass with some glow FX.

 My glass I used on the PPK with some procedural surface cracking added in[ slight].

This is a electron Microscope X-ray texture, as the second film had a' virus' element that they wanted to exploit for the teasers.

A very heavy grained ice like texture for the Tomb Raider Logo.

Here is the basic camera view of the polygons. Two plates of text with a background reflection sphere object[ hidden]

In this birds eye view looking down at the scene we see the camera and the curve added to the double stacked logo plates.

Project Review
Tomb Raider 2 The Cradle of Life
Part II- 3D Main Title Logo Looks

Client: Paramount Pictures.
Art Director(s):Rick Lynch, Warren Nung, Zack Ris, Marcus Almaraz
Project Date: Summer 2002.

For my second posting on the 3D Illustration and 3D Design work that I performed back in 2002 for the Theatrical Advertising on Tomb Raider 2, I have posted a series of looks I did for the main title I built out and rendered in 3D.

The look of the 3D title was established in the first film with the iconic double stacked logo with two plates of metal with a gold holding device behind the font. First we recreated the vectors for the title and the Font Artist there, provided me with the 'ai" save-as file ready to go in 3D.

I built the 3D type out with a sharp bevel out front and a rounded one in the back to 'roll' the reflection over the edges. I then put a slight bend to the type to give a little more curve to the title. I built this prior to learning to Quad model better, and had I needed more of a bend it would have been problematic as if you bend the face too much the triangulation will produce "folds' as artifacts. I also hand rotated each letter but the lighting made them checkerboard in value so I went with the low angle, slight curve instead.

You can review my first post here, which covers a wide range of items I created for the poster comps.

Cheers, THOM

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