Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Project Review: WDI Paris 2nd Gate Furniture

Four Point Activity Station for Storyboarding.

A Three Person Activity Station[ Stand-Up] for Sound Effects Design.

A Sit Down Ink and Paint Work Area for Kids using custom stylus like paintbrushes.

A character Design section with character "trees" that spin into various character combination's.

A Large sit down Activity for animation with real time camera capture stations.

Disneyland Paris Animation Studio Activity Station Designs.

Client: Walt Disney Imagineering.
Art Director: Tom Morris.
Project Date: Summer 1998.

I was a chief show designer at WDI in the late 90's and worked on various parks including the 2nd gate built next to Disneyland Paris that was very similar to the back-lot experience you can find at the Florida Park. I did overall sketches for design and architecture as well as designing the activity stations for the Animation Studio "Back-lot" attraction.

This was a fun project in that we emulated the original design look and feel done by Kem Weber in the 1920's in Art Deco that eventually was iconic for the look at the Disney Studios found in both the architecture and the furniture. All the above workstations were created for the Paris park in the 90's, though I have not been to France to see them.

All design was styled after Kem Webers designs for the Art Deco era, who was responsible for the look at the Animation Studio, so if you have an interest , please click the post title or paste in this text:

Cheers, THOM

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