Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project Review:Silvestri California Xmas Catalog 92'

Christmas Card Illustration for 1992.

Cover sketch for 1992 catalog.

Page 2 of column parts [ mix and match].

Page 4, Rounded Column Base(s).

Page 5, Deco Bowls.

Page 7, Male Hanging Torso.

Page 8, various Female Torso's.

Page 11, decorative Hangers.

Page 12, Mannequin Racks.

Project Review:Silvestri California Xmas Catalog 92'

Client: Silvestri California Art Director: Bill Daniels Project Date Fall 1992

My Art Center roommate Justin Brandstater had done work for Silvestri while I was still in school. Once out, he connected my up with Bill Daniels at Silvestri which manufactured store mannequins and fixtures. I did some design and illustration for them on and off for a few years.

Above are the sketched pages used for the Christmas 1992 catalog. I also did the Illustration for the Xmas card that year too.

Cheers, THOM

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