Monday, February 1, 2010

Project Review:Wildstorm Productions GEN 13 Feature Film 1996 PART I

EXT on main Hanger.

INT Control room on Screen.

EXT on Stairs.

Jones Soda Custom Wrap Party Collectibles from the Screening.

Project Review
Wildstorm Productions GEN 13 
Feature Film 1996 PART I

Client: Windstorm Animation Venice CA.
Art Director: Kevin Altieri
Project Date: Summer 1996

After working at Hearst Animation Studio's I connected back up with the talented Shayne Poindexter who was doing work on the new Gen 13 Film based on the amazing comic by Image drawn by J. Scott Campbell. I was doing freelance design of props and backgrounds for the film.

All in all a very fun process, and the film was quite good, though it was ultimately shelved once they were bought. A limited EU release makes the film available on eBay.

Cheers, THOM

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