Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Project Review:After The Sunset 2004-Key Art 3D Prop Design and Illustration

 An underneath shot of the mechanical claw I designed for the poster for After the Sunset back in 2004 almost a decade ago now.

 An even more severe angle on the claw arms themselves.

 This is the angle that finished for some Key Art applications for After The Sunset [2004].

 A parts render exploded out showing the various parts I made. Not a Sub-D model as I was in a rush on this job.

 The assembled claw in ambient shaders showing the basic form and geometry based on primitives.

Project Review
After The Sunset 2004
Key Art 3D Prop Design and Illustration

Client: New Line Cinema via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Calvin Sumler.
Project Date: July 2004.

I regularly will do a little 3D illustration for a movie poster prop that either dies not actually exist, or is in the film, but they lack a good photo of it to use, so I go off and create various items that get comped into the final Key Art that I help with, so for todays post, I am reviewing a Mechanical Pincher for a Diamond Heist film from 2004, After The Sunset.

I was give about 4 Hrs to design, build, light, texture, and render out a 3D claw that they could use in the Key Art comps they presented to the client. I created this mechanical clamp that grabbed a jewel that Pierce Brosnan was holding, and this 3D Illustration did end up finishing for some applications.

I love these quick jobs, they are my bread and butter as most work are these 3-5 Hrs fast turn around items I do for various teams that lack an in-house 3D Artist or Designer like myself, so freelance on a job by job basis is how I provide my services for most of my work.

Cheers, THOM

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