Thursday, February 28, 2013

3D Model Sales Part XVII Close Up Detailed Number 2 Pencil

 Every kid in Amercia has filled out a test with one of these Number 2 pencils. I sell a virtual one here.

 The quad view shows the basic build and engraved type.
 I have separate objects for the various parts so adding a texture is fast and accurate, and all parts are subdivision ready for as close as needed in your illustrations or Motion-Graphics work.

 Here is the same view subdivided to one level.

 The ferrule on back holds the eraser object in place and is a two sided object with a bit of thickness.

 Viewed as quads, you can see the modeled end so the ferrule can slide on the compressed wood.


 The type is modeled into the object, here it is subdivided at two levels for optimum smoothness in the curved font.

 The base letter forms can easily be selected to add color quickly to the mesh before subdividing.

 Built as five little parts at a high level of detail for photo-real renders.

 Here is a textured example I put up to show the parts with a bit of color to the number 2 pencils. A simple everyday object needs to be very accurate as we all see these all the time.

3D Model Sales
Close Up Detailed Number 2 Pencil

I sell the 3D models I build online as stock 3D models, similar to stock Photography to be used by design and graphics professionals within the various industries online at Turbosquid, the leading stock 3D model house,  so for this PART XVII[17th], I am reviewing a detailed model of a typical number two pencil used thruought the country for every test and form filled out over the past decades, and I sell this one online here.
I have used 3D illustrations of pencils in the past here, here, and here, so to do a very high resolution one, was something that I needed. I also spent the time and engraved the type into the wood, rather than do a fake bump map so you could get really close to the objects. This also helps with any depth of field render as geometry is best for real lens work, not bump maps.

A full 100% subdivision model ensures that you can increase the level of detail with the subdivision modifier applied in your program of choice as high as your processors can handle.

I export all my 3D assets to FBX and OBJ so my friends in Cinema 4D , Maya, and Soft-XSI can use these assets as well.

To view all my 3D models I sell, you can go here. If you want to see a couple of hundred of 3D models I built in the past that my prior employer still sells, you can go here too.

Cheers, THOM

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