Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Personal Work Heritage High School Drafting PART II Engineering Drafting

 A Page from the full set of Engineering Drafting Pack I did in High School.

 A scanned close up from the above page with one element drawn orthographically using a grid under the velum.

 A second scan of the above page showing the dimensioned and sectioned item.

 For this exercise I had to generate the ortho view from just the two other views supplied.

 This taught us to draw an item that was not parallel or perpendicular to the drawing plane.
[ at an angle]

 Here are two Engineering exercise done at Heritage High for Engineering Drafting I and II

Personal Work
Heritage High School Drafting PART II
Engineering Drafting

Today for my Tuesday 2D post, I am posting my second in a series of foundational work I did back in High School, and with this post, I begin with the work I did for the Engineering Drafting Classes that I was in.

As someone who has spent the last twenty years in dimensional design, I can say that my training began way before I ever set foot in Collage, as I was being taught in my High School some of the foundations of my career.

What I learned in Drafting was simply how to begin to see a three dimensional object inside my head, so I could draw it, or draft it out on paper. We did many exercises where we were given just a few views of an object, and had to create added views using the information we could take from the first two. This was my first experience to actually have to think through a design of an object, something I perfected at Art Center later in life. but was taught first in High School.

I am still amazed how many 3D artists I meet who still cannot grasp this basic stuff, they were never taught it, so as a consequence they do not fully think three dimensionally. When I did finally get to Design School the first semester we hit this stuff[ again for me], so I was able to assist my fellow students in this, so I was a bit ahead from this teaching.

We also were trained in doing a hand lettered alphabet that I use every day as I still print all caps in the architectural style I also learned from Mr Fey, and Tom Q Vaxy of course!

You can view PART I , covering the Architectural Design Class I had here.

Look for more parts in the future.

Cheers, THOM

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  1. I still remember your portrait of Tom Q. Vaxy! That would be worth a spot on a future post.