Thursday, August 23, 2012

Personal Work: Heritage High School Drafting PART I: Architectural Design

 Here is a blueprint of the house I designed back in 1984 while in an advanced High School Architecture Class. You will note the studio off the master bedroom, as well as a wood shop area off the garage, which are still to this day a part of my home layout.

 A Close up scan of the Left Side of the Home.

 Here is the foundation plan I made that was used to build out the 1" to a foot Balsa Scale Model.

 Here is a close up shot of the foundation and basement showing the Furnace location and stairs down.

Personal Work
Heritage High School Drafting PART I
Architectural Design

Today I found in my studio flat file these blueline prints from back when I was in High School, so I am starting a new series on the History of my work going back to 1984 my senior Year in High School.

I was in a bunch of Art and Design Classes in High School, as well as being an avid woodworker and metal worker I took added classes in every Industrial Arts Dept they had: Woodworking, Basic Metalworking, Drafting Introduction, Engineering Drafting, and Finally what you see above from the class, Architectural Drafting.

We were challenged by the instructor Mr. Fey[ THX mike Farr!]with designing a house for our self that would pass the Littleton City Architectural Board and be able to be built. I was blessed to have a class at this level in my High School, it was an College Level course, and I remeber how difficult it was learning all the basic rules of the city, as I just wanted to design a cool house. 

Little did I know how beneficial at the time that restriction would be in my actual career, as I ended up designing restaurants, set designs ,and theme park design.

I also was able to start an inch-to-a-foot scaled balsa wood architectural model for the house as well, but that was for extra credit, and not required. This was pre AutoCAD times so all hand drawn and lettered, a now bygone craft.

Cheers, THOM

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