Monday, July 16, 2012

Project Review: Iron Monkey 2001: USA DVD re-release Key Art.

 The final 3D Logo I did back a decade ago in 2001 for the USA re-release of Iron Monkey while in-house at BLT and Associates.

 Here is just the type itself used in various applications as a small stacked icon.

 A 3/4 shot showing the chamfered and beveled edges I did for the file.

 The base asset geometry. Simple and quick delivery[ under 1 Hr.]

 Here is the final DVD Key Art using my 3D Logo.

Project Review
Iron Monkey 2001
USA DVD re-release Key Art

Client:Miramax Films
Art Direction:Hunger Lam
Project Date: October 2001.

Thank you all for your patience with the lack in posting all last week. So after a long illness, and a full replacement of all PC's here at the studio, here is my first post from all new PC's, with all new OS's,and all new software.

I was in-house at BLT and Associates back in 2001, and this was one of my early 3D finishes that made it to print while I was running my little One man Army there.

Art Director, Hunger Lam provided the vectors to me for the job,and the art direction, and the project was managed by Steve Gold. A simple straight forward 3D logo with a rounded bevels, and a big "Gong" Icon with the monkey brush stroke in gold on it.

This was my first big render at the time of 5000 pixels wide, which now a decade later is the standard size for a one sheet movie poster finished logo as I deliver them out.

Cheers, THOM

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