Monday, July 23, 2012

Project Review: Homes by Farr PART II Splash Page Designs for the Website

Once I set the scene up, I duplicated the sign a few times to show depth to the scene.

Here is the way the 3D geometry was built out for the shot.

 A 3/4 view showing the little hill I built that rolled away to help create depth in this scene.

 I also brought back an old mascot from my days and put the Praying Mantis in the tall grass, as seen in this Sepia Toned Image.

I also did a dusk/night shot as well, theory being we could fade between the two images as needed for a bit of animation on the site if that was desired

Project Review: 
Homes by Farr PART II
Splash Page Designs for the Website 

Client: Mike Farr,Owner: Homes by Farr.
Art Direction: Collaboration with Mike and I.
Project Date: Summer 2011.

Today is a posting of PART II, on the work I designed for Mike Farr,owner of, Homes by Farr out of Littleton Colorado, where I grew up. In todays entry, I cover the design of a simple splash page that also showcased the yard sign I helped out design for Mike and used it in this wide format Image for his blog.

A simple grassy hill with the Real Estate Yard Sign was the concept, and I added in an actual Colorado sky image I took during my last vacation out there as the daylight source.

I experimented with a few configurations and color schemes eventually ending up where we had just the one sign shot in the standard daylight set-up, and during the virtual night as well. I also did an alt with the sepia look too as seen posted above.

You can peek at the site here.
Cheers, THOM