Thursday, July 3, 2014

Project Review: Robocop [2014 Remake] PART II 3D Logo exploration 2012

 A Single Point Beveled type treatment with a small line of neon balancing on the pointed edge done in a flatter weaved Carbon Fiber Shader I made for Robocop.

 This 3D Logo used the same 3D File I hand built above, and swapped out the flat ballistic Carbon with a weave over steel.

 A second RoboCop vector file was supplied for this next design for Jeff with a floating neon lite line object up top over a flat black face with a shiny black bevel and extrusion.

Here is the above model without the neon and the texture was replaced with a brighter metal with a lite blur and a back reflection to smooth things out a bit.

 I also took just the neon from the above file, and did this simple alternate version with some blurred and reflected neon type.
  A final simple bright metal 3D Logo version for Jeff using  a motion blur and some shine and glow added in post.

Project Review
Robocop [2014 Remake]
3D Logo exploration 2012

Client: Columbia Pictures via Cold Open.
Art Direction: Jeff Barnett
Project Date July 2012.

Two years ago I worked on the film advertising for Robocop, and this is PART II covering the 3D titles I was asked to help with for the various One-Sheet presentations back for the Teaser Posters.
You can review PART I here.

These are all from Jeff Barnett whom I had the pleasure of working with very early in my poster work back at BLT in 2001, so we worked well together, which is a big part of all creative work, the relationship with the directors in charge helps with the entire process.

We went with polished metal, and Flat Carbon fiber for the main looks as I did for the other 3D logos as far as direction, it was the same.

I will be posting more 3D work of a place-holder Robo-suit I made for some comp ideas in the next few weeks, as the suit design was TOP secret and I had to make one up for the comps.

Cheers, THOM

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