Friday, February 8, 2013

3D Model Sales: Part XII- Craftsman Bungalow 1

A front 3/4 view of the smoothed model I sell online of a small "Box House" from the Craftsman era, here.

This is the base model with all subdivision removed. This is how the FBX, and OBJ exports are saved for the C4D, and Maya users to utilize this product as well.

The North side of the home with the built -in hutch tip out seen protruding.

 With the subdivision removed the base poly build of the porch area.

The back entrance is seen in this 3/4 shot.

The bay window in the dining area floats out over the foundation.

Electric Meter and Power post up thru the roof with flashing and ready to hook up to the virtual city power grid!

 The base Polygon mesh from the back.

Porch details include bead-board ceiling, mission light, solid oak door, and double hung windows.

Here in this elevated shot you can see the slight curl I gave to the roof shingles to help break up a usual flat surface a bit more.

 You can also see the gas meter down on the lower North foundation too in this low-poly shot.

Front view on the home at eye level

  The exploded view showing the parts and groups of the non-smoothed mesh 

3D Model Sales
Part XII
Craftsman Bungalow 1

I sell my 3D models online at Turbosquid, the leading stock 3D model house,  so for todays PART XII[12th], I am showcasing a model I have uploaded for sale of a Craftsman styled California Bungalow.
I love the Arts and Crafts movement, and have built out aa few Craftsman homes, but this is my first full 100% subdivision version with all parts ready to smooth out the the highest level of detail needed.

I  hand built each part and cut out the various section to make this about 50% an X-ray model, so it is good for deconstruction animations as well. The windows are grouped and linked to slide in the double hung frames, as well as the front and back doors being grouped and hinged.

Bead board porch roof, screened basement casement windows and the gas and electric meters all make this model ready to go for your scene.

I export all my 3D assets to FBX and OBJ so my friends in Cinema 4D , Maya, and Soft-XSI can use these assets as well.

To view all my 3D models I sell, you can go here. If you want to see a couple of hundred of 3D models I built in the past that my prior employer still sells, you can go here too.

Cheers, THOM

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