Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3D Model Sales:Part XI-Hardware Nail Set 1

 A wide shot of all 27 nails in low resolution showing the full subdivision build in these high resolution surfaces.

 A Render with subdivision[ Turbo-Smooth] added showing the built out groves and indentation sin each type of nail.

 This shot shows the various head designs on the nails with grippers and the indentation on the brad for finish work.

 Here is is with one level added to smooth out the polys.

 A Worms Eye Render showing the full 360 nature of these little pieces of hardware, and since the details are built in the reflections come out wonderful fully rendered.

 Subdivision added and rendered in this repeat shot at a different resolution.

 If you have a super close up shot needing a high resolution nail this set will have most needed.

 Smoothed out the nails have hand chiseled tips with a bit of crown to the surface as most are stamped.

 The smaller roofing nail[ stepped on a few in my life OUCH!] usually galvanized with gripper rings as modeled.

 Smoothed out with a soft feel as these are always cast items.

 A birds eye elevated shot of all the nails

 The smoothed view of all 27 nails in the set I sell online here.

 A close shot on the vintage ans specialty Nails all Sub-D ready in FBX nad OBJ formats as well as the native 3DSmax formats too.

 The smoothed mesh close on the Masonry, Umbrella, and vintage Nails.

3D Model Sales
Part XI
Hardware Nail Set 1

I sell my 3D models online at Turbosquid, the leading stock 3D model house,  so for todays PART XI[11th], I am showcasing a model set I have put up for sale a set of twenty seven high resolution nails online here.

I always build out a collection or parts that I use all the time , and with the various close up work, as well as particle animations, I have need for good subdivision models for these uses, so I make them available online for other artist to use as well.

For this set of Hardware in my series, I put together as many nails I have ever used including some antique and hand made versions, as well as all the various types found in the construction business. I never know when I need some details, and having them pre-built and named to find quickly in the merged scenes,  I can add more to my work for a better price to my clients with my Virtual Home Warehouse I have been building up these past two decades.
I export all my 3D assets to FBX and OBJ so my friends in Cinema 4D , Maya, and Soft-XSI can use these assets as well.

To view all my 3D models I sell, you can go here. If you want to see a couple of hundred of 3D models I built in the past that my prior employer still sells, you can go here too.

Cheers, THOM

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