Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3D Model Sales Part X Vintage 1920's Fire House

 A front shot of the firehouse I sell online at TurboSquid now.

 The base Polygon Model of the firehouse in the front view with doors open.

 The back and roof is seen in this higher angle on this 1920's fire house..

 The base model is ready for subdivision to as high a level as your machine will allow.

 A Worms eye shows the ceiling detail in the main entryway.

 Smoothed with one level of subdivision, 2 levels is over 5 million faces and super smooth!

 A higher up angle right on the third floor of the fire station showing the bay window and Spanish tile roofing.

 The Base Polygon Quad Model of the Firehouse from the elevated position.

 A front view of the old vintage firehouse.

 All subdivision ready as FBX, OBJ, and native 3DSmax 2013 formats.

 High angle Alley shot of the 1920's vintage Fire Station.

 The smoothed render from the back[ 1 level of subdivision]

 The roof has two AC units and three water towers.

 The smoothed geometry is 4X in size with one subdivision.

 The base Poly model of the firehouse as it is exported out.

 The smoothed mesh out back on the fire house.

3D Model Sales
Part X
Vintage 1920's Fire House

I sell my 3D models online at Turbosquid, the leading stock 3D model house,  so for todays PART X[10th], I am showcasing a model I have put up for sale, a vintage firehouse that was made famous in the 1980's in the Ghostbuster films.

I love vintage buildings and firestations are especially cool, so I decided to build out my version of the LA Station 23, which was used for all the interior filming for the Ghostbusters movies, but I love the exterior design so I built that part for this round[ I plan interiors latter].

I export all my 3D assets to FBX and OBJ so my friends in Cinema 4D , Maya, and Soft-XSI can use these assets as well.

To view all my 3D models I sell, you can go here. If you want to see a couple of hundred of 3D models I built in the past that my prior employer still sells, you can go here too.

Cheers, THOM

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