Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Review The Phantom 2040 PART CIV [104th] Transportation Design Underlay Sketches

 Here is the rough for the blimp design for Maxwells, The Woomera, used in the Australia sequence.[ And here, and here too]

 An Enforcer Hyper-cruiser[ Flying Car]concept that I did a few passes at.

 A Space Speeder for a sequence with Sean-One up in Space.

 Here we  have a base proportion drawing for the widely used Enforcer Personnel Carrier seen here., and here

Project Review
The Phantom 2040
PART CIV [104th]
Transportation Design Underlay Sketches

Client: Hearst Animation Productions.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date Spring 1993.

This is my 104th post of my work from the TV animated series, The Phantom 2040 from in the early ninety's, and I have posted a few added underlay drawing for some key vehicles from the animation series for today.

I always do some sort of rough sketch first in the design process, sometimes a small scribble freehand is enlarged on the Xerox[ back in 1991], and I draw over that, and sometimes I build out a tight perspective grid to build over that. Any way you slice it, I always do at least two versions to work stuff out while sketching. 
This is what I teach, that you draw lightly on the first pass, and build up the design over and over until you have what you want, then do a clean overlay.

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Cheers, THOM

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