Monday, March 12, 2018

3D Architerctural Renderings of Exteriors Modeling and/or Design by Thom Schillinger 3D Conceptual

3D Architectural Renderings of Exteriors: Modeling and/or Design by Thom Schillinger 3D Conceptual Designer[ Full Size 8K Ultra-HD Image HERE]
3D Exterior Modeling and Architectural Design Rendering

I a second posting covering Architectural Visualization today I am covering exterior design work. [PART I here on Interiors] I have always had a love for Architecture both Interior and Exterior Design, so getting to jump into this right out of College was a great area to hone these skills.

I eventually started doing Theme Park design as a Show Designer on both interior and exterior concepts, this furthered my contact with great Architects and Designers building themed entertainment venues.

During the Dot.Com boom in late 1999, I moved over to create virtual architecture for the Launch City full design revision, this allowed me to fully use the past experience to create virtual environments to green-screen in live band performances for the DR CD ROM Magazine industry, though short lived as that industry was.

As I moved into Theatrical Entertainment doing Key Art for Movie Posters, this virtual exterior set work continues to this day to be a large part of what I do on a regular basis. I will typically recreate a set piece from a film at a very specific angle for a one sheet, and this allows the client to have a pre-masked smart 3D asset, with total control for editing after the photo shoot is done. A virtual set is never taken down, so I can re-access it and adjust for new renders in the future.

If you have a need for traditional Architectural rendering, Interior or Exterior, or themed work, please contact me for a bid.

PART I on Interiors is HERE.

                                                   Cheers, THOM

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