Thursday, February 15, 2018

3D LOGOS Part III: Distressed 3D Logos for Key Art

Rustic Weathered 3D Logos
Part III Distressed 3D Logos for Key Art

3D Logos Part 3 is my next installment on 3D Logos covering specifically logos that are the opposite of the last post of shiny clean metal, to distressed logos in metal and other materials.
Of the hundreds of 3D Logos I do every year for Key Art, I do quite a bit of distressed ones as well, right behind clean ones which are the top of the logo food chain.  

I really enjoy coming up with ways to weather and distress the materials in the logos and have them still read. Procedural Dirt materials and Procedural Textures help with this process a lot, but actually modeling in distress or geometry to distress is usually the most important part. How you break or cut a logo, how you apply moss or growth to a logo in a variety of scale and amount is what makes the difference.

I also will take a clean logo and do a few passes with various distress levels so the AD, and CD"s I do work for can paint between a few levels of dirt to achieve the exact look they desire. This multi-pass render approach gives them freedom to adjust per their client input to greater or lesser degrees of aging.
If  you have a need for a Distressed look to a 3D logo, contact me for a quote today. Prices are very reasonable.

Part I on 3D Logos: Can be viewed over here.
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NOTE: Blogger reduces the size of enlarged images, click here to see the very large 5K image from my CG-Society Portfolio Page.

Cheers, THOM

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