Friday, October 17, 2014

Project Review: 3D Subdivsion Architectural Modeling for Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC High End Violin Case PART I

Since I was just delivering 3D Models no textures to my final renders for approvals.

 The case seen in base mesh[ no Sub-D] is a full 360 model[inside and outside with an hinged cover].

 The above shot of the Violin case with one subdivision added to smooth out the geometry.

 The full case open in low poly base form.[ NOTE: Violin is a stock model]

 The handles, and stitching is seen in this low polygon shot.

 The subdivided above shot of the 3D Violin Case I built in 3DSmax 2013.

 Inside the Lid of the case in Low-Poly.

 Medium Polygon[ subdivision on Level-1] of the case lid details.

 On the far side of the Lid you find the locks to hold the bow.

 A Medium rez shot of the bow-Lock side in the Lid of the virtual lid.

 An exploded view shows the build groups and modeled details in sticking zippers etc.

 Details in the Low poly exploded view.

 All the separate parts made to create the leather handles on the Virtual Violin Case.

 Close up and the parts compartment in the lower case in Ultra-High Subdivision.

 A view of the Lid fully subdivided.

Project Review:
3D Subdivision Architectural Modeling for Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC
High End Violin Case PART I

Client:Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC
Art Direction: Michael Golden.
Project Date: July 11th, 2014.

I was contacted by an architectural firm out in NYC to assist in some 3D furniture and furnishing for them, and today in PART I in a series covering these builds I am showcasing a High End Violin Case I made for them.

I had some shots of the case, and built out all the parts to match a stock 3D violin they provided to scale the case to. This is a full subdivision 3D quad model and needed a high level of detail to achieve a photo-real look.

A very fun project with a lot of tiny detail. the 3D stitching, the sipper cloth and teeth, inner and outer shell parts all made this a very fun build.I will be posting many more 3D stock I built for them.

Cheers, THOM

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