Friday, June 27, 2014

Project Review: Robocop [2014 Remake]- PART I:3D Logo exploration 2012

 A Robocop logo with vectore supplied to me by Art Director Anne Kelly. A Carbon fiber with inset red glowing keylines.

 A simple brushed metal version of the RoboCop 3D Logo on a glossy floor w/o any accent colors using the same vector file from above.

 A metal and red combo of the two above looks to the type layout. Sometimes I do multiple vector file logos, and sometimes I do multiple looks to one file as I had with this one.

 This design was for Jeff Barnett[ more of his in another post on the way!] I did a textured carbon weave on a chrome logo with a inset red-line inside the face of the font in 3D. A warm to cool lighting set up was used to add color to the steel.

 This 3D Logo Design was done for Noah Witlin and he asked for a Single Point Bevel[SPB] on this as a hand built font. I did this version in dark flatter Carbon cool lit from the back.

 A second version for Noah using the same above font file, also a SPB, though this has the red accent added back.

Project Review
Robocop [2014 Remake]
3D Logo exploration 2012

Client: Columbia Pictures via Cold Open.
Art Direction: Anne  Kelly, Jeff Barnett, Noah Witlin
Project Date July 2012.

Almost two years ago I worked on the film advertising for Robocop, a remake of the popular 1980's Sci-Fi flic, and today in my first posting, I will cover about half of the 3D Logo I made for the presentations.

The film was in early production so I did not get any visual scrap at all[ very typical in this industry], but was told to follow a flat black carbon fiber feel as his robotic elements were going away from the blue-chrome look in the original, and more along the lines of tactical armor as found in the batman suit.

They did also want to go with polished metal, and the highlight color they picked was red for the lighting effects and glows that were added as well, so off I went working with a team of Art Directors.

I will be posting more logos as well as a place-holder suit I made for some comp ideas in the next few weeks in additional parts to this series.

Cheers, THOM

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