Thursday, November 8, 2012

3D Model Sales Part III The Mission Chair

 A smoothed shot for the Craftsman Mission Oak Chair model I sell online.

 Here is a shot showing the geometry[ wires] to see how it was built.

 As a subdivision model I add a Turbosmooth modifier to add details to the geometry itself, this is the base model, lite and quick to work into any scene.

 An underside shot shows off that this is a full 360 design with details under the seat pad.

 The same shot of the Arts and Crafts styled chair showing the wires to see how I built it.

 The base model of the chair.

 Low rez model is also what gets exported so the end buyer can subdivide in whatever program they import it into[ Maya, C4D etc.]

 The subdivision added quadruples the file size but adds in the details for an  even closer up asset.

 Plain shot of the Model I sell w/o textures.


 A Extreme Close Up under the eat showing the support slats and mounting brass hardware.

 Here the exploded view shows the individual parts as well as the cut out for all the mortise and tenon pegged joinery I designed into the chair.

3D Model Sales
Part III
The Mission Chair

I am starting to post 3D models for sale on Turbo squid again, so I will be using the Thursday slot to showcase a model I have put up for sale online each week for a while.

Today in my post, I cover a Mission styled Chair I posted this week into my stock models I sell via Turbosquid, a large online stock model house.[ Think Stock Photos]

I am an avid fan of the craftsman movement, and I have designed and built out a few sets of furniture in this style along wih owning an Arts and Crafts home, I am a super fan, so I decided to add this to my library online that I sell.

I built this out as what I call an X-Ray model, meaning that it is a full 3D inside and out model, I cut the holes thru the wood for the mortise and tenon to fit, and built 3D pegs to virtually hold it all together with. 

In the past I have done the fast route on my mission furniture, and just merely built thru, which is much faster, but will not work for animations, exploded views or any type of glass or see thru as it will show these fakes.

Cheers, THOM

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