Monday, June 9, 2014

3D Stock Model Build Review: Mission Style Arts and Craftsman Era Chair: Built for online sales-2011 PART II

I made a quartersawn Oak texture from various photos, as I have a collection of Quartersawn Oak furniture to pull from for this exercise in textured stock models.

 A 3/4 view showing the other side of the chair with the camera a bit higher showing the arms a bit better.

 A low angle back shot on the Craftsman Mission styled chair.

 I put a bit of Prairie-Style mixed into this Mission Oak chair for this design.

 A slightly elevated front view of this comfy looking Arts and Crafts chair.

 An exploded view of the chair shows the hardware as well as the parts that are cut thru and pegged.

3D Stock Model Build Review
Mission Style Arts and Craftsman Era Chair: Built for online sales 2011 PART II

Client: Myself.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: May 2011

Today I am doing PART II covering the custom built Mission chair I sell online, and today I have posted some images testing shaders and texturing of the 3D models I sell online, as well as the catalog of 3D models I built for sale by my prior employer as seen here.

I build custom 3D models for various Architectural firms to assist the in-house visualists work, so today I wanted to show the stock model I built out and sell fully textured as I do when I so a post covering my stock 3D Models for sale.

I was a professional cabinet making before I finished up at Art Center, and my continued work in 3D Visualization has keep me building furniture, only in this stage virtually for my clients. I love the work, as I love to build and virtual building has a similar satisfaction.

You can review the build itself in a separate posting here.

I will continue showcasing many of the stock 3D models I have from various companys I have prepared them for in future posts, so enjoy!

Cheers, THOM

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