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Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Review: Agent Fabulous Title Design 2010

The final render delivered was a straight on shot with a bit of curve to the lens done in Final Render.

 I did this alternate pass with the buckle tilted back a bit.

 A version tilted even more with double the lens curve and some volumetrics.

 A 3/4 side shot with some lens FX and blur too.

 I offer a Color-picker option if the client will need accurate masks made to use in post production. This is what makes 3D renders so helpful for finishers.

Here is a shot of the polygons showing the build. All quads except for the "Agent tag".

Project Review
Agent Fabulous Title Design 2010

Client: BPG Print.
Art Direction:n/a.
Project Date: April 2010.

Today my posting is a quick partial day logo study project I did for the advertising agency BPG back in April of 2010 for a show pitch called, "Agent Fabulous".

I am usually always given an illustrator file to make dimensional in 3D and render out, so my first step is to interpret the feel of the font and what they want it to convey. For this project they wanted it to feel like a big shiny disco belt buckle with some 'bling".

I hand build a single point beveled font for the word fabulous, as well as a quad modeled base plate that it sits in. I use Cebas' Final Render for all my rendering needs, and so I applied the Caustics reflections and shimmers that would come from a polished metal buckle to the shot.

I also provide most clients a color picker layer in the render if they request it, and this allows the in House designers to quickly isolate sections in 3D to adjust in post in Photoshop later on. I am usually asked for this after the fact, and will render one or as many out as are needed.

The cost saving on this masking is seen in the time the client themselves need not have a finisher or designer spend  in masking artwork, a time consuming chore that "Smart 3D" assets can relive a bit and ave the client some in house time too.

Cheers, THOM

Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Review: Real-D Cinemas 3D Logo Design Exploration

 Here is a shot of what I delivers as a final, though in the end it was scrapped by the client.

 In this quad view you can see the fillet of the text as it extrudes out from the back-plate wit the rounded edge.

 An early design using neon red in the tag line, 'cinema', along with a dropped camera view of the model.

 A double key-line with red neon on both type sections.
 In this design I attempted to show them caustic reflections[ low rez at this point], but it was too 'busy' for them.

 This comp was the 'Dog-Tag' idea with a plate of sandwiched materials, that would be used in the MGFX where we moved around the design.

 Thin type for Real-D cinemas,  floating over the back-plate to emphasize 3D in real space.

 Here we see the above design with minor caustics on as well as a more centered camera view of the 3D asset.

Project Review
Real-D Cinemas 3D Logo Design Exploration

Client: Read-D Cinemas via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: Myself.
Project Date: Summer 2006.

With 3D Stereoscopic Movies on the rise, there are many players looking to become the VHS, in this current format war, so we assisted Read-D with some 3D Logo explorations back in 2006 while I was running my 'lil department for the company in-house.

The logo itself as far as the font choice, was locked, but in 3D I have a whole bunch of room to  get creaive with depth, bends, and extrusions. For Read-D I went with a basic metal, with a red glow as our accent color.

I did about 6 designs at a lower rez, and tried to sell them on caustic reflections[ I went low rez at first[ less samples as seen it the grain of the reflections], but they wanted a super clean logo. 

The final was rendered at 5K for IMAX applications.

Cheers, THOM