Friday, October 27, 2017

2D Character Design Development: TV Animation, Toy Design, Theme Park Anamatronics, Corporate Mascots.

A sample of my 2D Character Design Development for 2D Television Animation Series, Animation Series Presentations for Toy Manufacturing, Theme Park Anamatronic characters, and Corporate Identity Mascots.

2D Character Design Development
TV Animation, Toy Design, Theme Park Anamatronics, Corporate Mascots.

One year out of Art Centers Transportation Design Program in the Fall of 1991,  after doing Set Design and a bit of Themed Restaurant Design, I plunged head first into Television Animation mostly 2D at the time, however we had 3D tech which was still emerging back in 1993 and had this incorporated as well into the work I did. I was Art Director and Conceptual Design for Phantom 2040, as well as development of Flash Gordon.

Designing characters, creatures, and fashion might seem distant for an Industrial Designer, however at ACCD, we all followed Syd Mead the pioneer Concept Artist doing all these things throughout ourtime at Art Center, and many of us went directly into Entertainment Design to do exactly that. 

Design is design, and creating full worlds required a multi disciplinary approach to our work, a Renaissance Designer who can create everything around the products we created was ideal, and most of my fellow graduates all have in some way or another done this in there careers as well. Transportation Designers are utilized all through the Concept Artist world, as well as in shoe design and high end products due to our multiple filed we are comfortable in and our advanced surface training hands on clay.

Today I have a sampling of the work I have done  over the span of my career with creating characters and fashion and outfits for these characters. Humanoid animal and Alien, realistic to cartoony, all designs have been a challenge and a joy to create. 

If you need character design feel free to contact me for 2D or 3D. [Future Post coming showcasing 3D Character Designs]

                  Cheers, THOM

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