Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Project Review; The TANK 2017 3D Design and 3D Modeling

 The overall full 3D Model I build and Designed in 3D for the film The Tank 2017[ Quad Base Model]

  The overall full 3D Model I build and Designed in 3D for the film The Tank 2017-Subdivided Model

   The end with the entry that I matched the practical set for on The Tank 2017-Subdivided Model

 The end of the Virtual Set built in Quads, Subdivided with 3 levels of meshsmooth.

 The base mesh of the far back side of The Tank with the annex building Lab[ removed for filming]

 Sub-D back on the final model used in the film the Tank.

 A back side Birds-Eye view of the roof details with antenna ladders cell array etc.[Low Poly]

 High Ploy count Birds Eye on the Prop for The Tank.

 Low on the ground viewing the feet of the Tanks[ low-rez 3D model]

 Subdivided Quad 3D Model of the Virtual Set for the Tank 2017.

Entry shot in Low Poly Base Model for faster 3D Animation visualizations.

 High angle on the main Door[ Set Match]

 One of the couplings connecting the various sections of the Lunar Base in 3D.[ Low Poly View]

 High Poly Ambient render of the connection point on the 3D Model.

 Overhead of the most complex connection area [ Low Poly View]

 The final resolution with Sub-D[ three levels of resolution increased]

 Screen-Grab from the film: Opening shot flying to The Tank.

  Screen-Grab from the film: Entering The Tank, the round entry is a Practical Set the rest is Virtual.

  Screen-Grab from the film: Mid Film Exterior shot The Tank.

 Mid Film Closer to the tank with more show activity.

  Screen-Grab from the film: The Tank is half buried by a blizzard in the Arctic.

 Here is the Credit roll, a surprise, as I did not know I got a film credit[ I usually don't]

Project Review
The TANK 2017
3D Design and 3D Modeling

Client: Glacier Films via Big Sky Laboratories
Art Direction: Matt Hartle
Project Date September 2015.

I was called in to assist with the 3D Design and 3D Modeling in the building of a virtual prop for a film Matt Hartle at Big Sky Laboratories was doing the VFX on, back in 2015. The concept was to build an exterior set to match the interior principal photography as well as a the entrance that was a practical prop as well.

I was given a simple layout and a few reference shots, and off I went. I built it out in stage and blocked the octagonal shape to match the interior sets first. Once approved I added a large amount of detailing all over the prop.

This was build all quads as a Sub-D model[ subdivision mesh] as I work in 3DSmax, and my client works in Maya so I exported as both a FBX, as well as an OBJ as a base mesh, with stills rendered out in Ambient for surface testing only.

I ended up building more than was used in the film, which is typical. They simplified it for the film and removed an entire wing I built.

A fun film with a surprise screen credit for me, when I screen captured it this week as it is currently on Amazon Prime.

If you need a bid for a model and or a design for one, contact me for a quote.

                                 Cheers, THOM

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