Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3D Stock Model Sales:- Main Street USA-Dime Store 2010

An ambient render of the stock 3D Model I built for sale online @ TurboSquid.

A basic rendered version of the asset set up and ready to map and go in your 3D program.
 A 3/4 Right side[ around the corner] wireframe view of the five and Dime.

The 3D Rendered version of the side of the store.

 This is a 360 3D Model build, exterior only, so it has a loading dock with Electrical panels out back in the Alley.

 The rendered back side of this turn of the century building.

 The Left side was designed to sit flush against the next building on the street so it only has minimal window up top.

The textured 3D Architectural render[ a fast stylized look]

 The 3D Wire frame shot of the entryway to the store.

The textured render of this virtual dime store.
A worms Eye view of the dime store has an AC unit, a Water Tower, as well as a locked fire exit.

 The last color render showing off this stock model I sell online.

 The exploded view with like-parts grouped for easy adjustments.

3D Stock Model Sales
Main Street USA Dime Store 2010

Client: 3D Conceptual Designer
Art Director(s): Myself.
Project Date: . January 2010.

I established a 3D Stock Model sales model while in-house at The Cimarron Group from 2003 to 2009, and after leaving, I started to sell myself, and today I am reviewing a hard surface Architectural Model I sell online of a Vintage Five and Dime store.

This asset is still available for sale at TurboSquid, the largest online stock 3D house and you can see it here.

I regularly build stock 3D models for online sales via TurboSquid,  I create for sale, and this is one structure in a series of Old Towne architecture found in most older city's in the US.

I styled this after one in Upper Michigan I went to as a child. This is an exterior only asset for background renders and virtual city work.

You an view all online sale via the TAG, or go to my Cimarron Models here, and my own Sub-D 3DCD work here. for 3DCD.

Cheers, THOM


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