Thursday, March 26, 2015

Project Review: Menagerie Creative-Steampunk Flying Machine Icon Design 2009-2011 PART II

A 3/4 front view on the final iteration on this Steampunk Flying Machine I designed and built in 3D.

The Polygon Ambient render with wireframe overlay shows the build out of the ship.

 A close Up on the Captains cabin out front on the steampunk vehicle.

The Polygon Quad Render.

 A 3/4 back view near the tail fans on this Steam Punk Floating contraption, as a fully rendered frame with Depth of Field added to the camera.

The Polygon build out render at that same angle.

A low side view into the main body thru the large glass windows.

Low side in Poly.

A full side view 3D Render of the main body nose to tail here.

The Wire frame shows the complexity in the build and reveals the bump map fakes.

 A Parts exploded view showing the individual designs.

 Here is a close-up on the exploded view showing 6the main nose cab details.

Project Review
Menagerie Creative 
Flying Machine Icon Design
2009-2011 PART II

Client: Menagerie Creative.
Creative Director: Cheryl Savala.
Project Date: November 2009.

Today in PART II I am covering a bit more details with alternate views of the flying machine I designed in 3D for Menagerie Creative a few years back. I did quite a few projects for them both for outside Entertainment clients, and directly for them as the client like this one.

I love steampunk design, as I am a vintage and antique collector so I love to imagine using only old-Tech to create modern machines, so this was a great project to get on and apply that to.

Flying Mythical Vehicles are so much fun. I only get to do this type of work once a decade or so, so when they do come onto my plate, I go all in.

Check out the Steampunk flying giant Flea I did in 2D and executed in 3D here as an example.

A very fun design to work on, and if you want to review PART I you can see that here.

Cheers, THOM

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