Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Project Review Revised Tomorrowland Anaheim 1998 PART II

 This was modified on site based on my sketch for a "Cone of Silence" that would hang over the video game stand up consoles, it can be viewed here.It was in the New Tomorrowland redo from the last 90's.

 A Pinball Machine design done in the same Jules Verne themed look[ steampunk] late 90's.

 A close up on a branch shows the simple metal rib structure covered in wire-mesh.

 The leaves were circuit boards that we recycled to stay with the recycled Compaq PC message from the attraction.

This was So Much Fun to do: Terry Dobson was not happy with the model shops interpretation of my sketch, and I reminded him I sculpt as I did go to Art Center for Transportation design, so I did the final foam at 1/10th scale, and it was scanned to create the finals, so the branch shapes were right on. See the sketch here.

Project Review
Revised Tomorrowland Anaheim 1998

Client: Walt Disney Imagineering [ WDI]
Art Director: Terry Dobson
Project Date: Summer 1998

I found some more snapshots taken back in the 90's from when I worked on the Innoventions re-design project for Walt Disney Imagineering back in the 90's.

So today in PART II, I have posted a few added shots of the various elements that I designed for Tomorrowland from the big tree to all the steam-punk/Jules Verne themed games and attraction pieces throughout the show.

I was also able to model the tree which I wanted to anyhow to get the shapes right, and thanks to the awesome encouragement from Terry Dobsons Direction, I was able to accomplish that for him as my last effort on the project.

All has since be demolished and removed , except they kept the tree, see here from my first trip last year[ a decade after it was installed].

You can view PART I here.

Cheers, THOM

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