Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Project Review:Revised Tomorrowland Anaheim 1998 PART I

 A Foosball table styled to the Jules Verne Look, now called Steampunk.

 A Sandbar with SCSI cables for seaweed and CD's for goin coins etc.

 A PC based stand up arcade game I designed for the Tomorrowland re-dux back in the 90's.

 The entry to the Treehouse at Innoventions at Disneyland

 My original sketch.

 A shot take of the main "POD" with conduit "thatch" roofing going with the recycled theme.

 A Branch detail shot ready to go.

 A detail of the tree trunk

Project Review
Revised Tomorrowland Anaheim 1998

Client: Walt Disney Imagineering [ WDI]
Art Director: Terry Dobson
Project Date: Summer 1998

After having a great working relationship with the incredible producer Terry Dobson over at Disney Interactive for a few years, I moved over to WDI and helped out with the re-design of the Innoventions building at the Anaheim Park after leaving Landmark Entertainment Group on the M&M's Vegas show. For those familiar that is the slowly rotating interior in the building between the submarines and Space Mountain.

I was tasked with a few items to design, and I ended up designing a "Swiss Family Tree House" made out of recycled tech waste like circuit boards for leaves, and conduit for roof thatch. A fun design problem. I also helped in the arcade area, with a "Jules Verne" themed PC game arcade with PC parts used to portray crabs, treasure, kelp etc. I was also able to make an underwater Foosball game complete with sand, water, and mines the "divers" kicked around. I also designed a giant storybook and mushroom toadstools for the interactive portion of the show.

Cheers, THOM

P.S. The link in the title shows the Storybook, and Toadstools I designed for Innoventions as well.

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