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Friday, May 23, 2014

Project Review: Penny Dreadful 2014-Key Art Finish of 3D Scorpion Necklace Design and Illustration.

Here is the final Key Art for Penny Dreadful using the 3D Scorpion Illustration I was hired to do.

 The test image I did.

The final 3D RAW delivery was a multi-pass render with a Matte for the shandow to be dropped into the Key Art Photography quickly by finisher Paho Marsh.

I did a transluscent Sub-Surface Scatter render of the Scorpions as they have many areas that posses this trait in the material as a pass. I rendered over the placeholder bust as the skin showed thru the Scorpion bodies.

 Here for the Dark black render I did not need the shadows or the bust so I rendered this out as the second pass.

The Matte Shadow provided the finisher with a drop on shadow for the photography to blend it seamlessly into the file.

 A Z-Depth pass on the second pass allowed for adjusting Hue, Saturation or blur based on distance quickly with this channel provided as well to the vendor.

This ambient Screen grab render shows the base model and scene as built, as well as the Image I was tasked with matching up to.

 The 3/4 shot show the full scene including the bust for placement and shadows as well as the lighting and simplicity of a scene with over 6000 separate parts all linked so I could post each Scorpion individually to match the location it rested upon.

 A side-by-side shot of the Base Scorpion model as the base Quad model on the Left, as well as subdivided on the right.

Project Review:
Penny Dreadful 2014-Key Art Finish
of 3D Scorpion Necklace Design and Illustration.

Client: Showtime via Leroy and Rose.
Creative Direction: Melchior Lamy.
Project Date: December 2013.

Back in December I was given an opportunity to help out with Showtimes new cable series Penny Dreadful on the Key Art for one of my clients Leroy and Rose. I was asked to assit in 3D with the creation of a Lace-Necklace made out of small black Scorpions as a Virtual Photo shoot.

I did a test image to show the look and proceeded to create two version of the necklace design.
I had built out a 3D Scorpion a decade ago for Scorpion King, not as a quad model, so sometime last year I rebuilt a new one all in subdivision for a potential Vodka client in Belgium that fell thru so I had it ready to go for this gig.

I developed the Sub-surface shader as the translucence found in scorpions would help blend this into the skin on the bust you would see thru in the thinner parts of the legs etc.

Once approved I proceeded to render the finals out in multiple passes with light and dark materials to paint thru, as well as a Matte shadow to drop right over the principal photography.

What a FUN concept to work on, and it finished.

Cheers, THOM

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Personal Project Review: 3D Robotic Crab Character Development 2014

Here is my final Image produced for my little Robotic Crab 3D Character I designed this Past Holiday.
 A Screen Capture from 3DSmax 2013 shows the subdivided scene set-up[ about 2 Hrs to complete with renders]
This is my little one minute sketch I did to start this all off.

 The base model is a full Subdivision model, and here is the main camera view in that Low Resolution form.

 The above shot of my 3D Crab Robot  subdivided and smoothed for final use.

 This side view shows the tripod like stance with the tail out back that is actually the propeller.

 The same shot of my 3D Character subdivided as the final 3D asset.

 An alternate shot similar to the final with the camera raised up slightly off the Kelp Bed.

 The Subdivided shot of the 3D Robot Character Design I developed out.

 Overhead looking down] from the boat!]

 Same view from above the 3D Crab. 
I did the propeller shaft as a twisted cable you can see that in this shot a bit.

Personal Project Review
3D Robotic Crab Character Development 2014

Client: Myself: Personal Work.
Art Direction: Myself.
Project Date: Winter Break 2013-14.

Welcome Back! This is my first post for 2014, and my fifith year as a full-time freelancer.
During this past winter break I did a little personal project and designed out a 3D Robotic character of a small underwater Crab.

I worked on a very large robot project a few years ago, and I was inspired to do my own take on an underwater 3D Character. As a 3D Designer I did a micro sketch that took about a minute to get the basic feel of what was in my head, and blocked out the basic proportions,and then I go directly into 3D to design.

I built this little character out in the Tee-Pose so it is ready to animate in 3D, with some basic linking for posing, but what you see above is it posed. 

A few design features I put into the little guy is that first and foremost, he is sphere based, not a surprise as I am infatuated with this basic shape as seen in my Bubble Car concept.

I love submarines as well, so underwater creatures are fun and so I added the propeller out back insipired by a early design I did at Cyan Worlds back in 2000 here

I made the question-mark leg with a fully rotating little dualie wheel set to scoot along the ocean kelp beds.

Though I sketched two eye-pods, I went with a Cyclops instead that retracts back into the head via the iris up top as with a reuse of the the teeth on the circular mouth out front on the design.

Also, one arm was made much bigger as found in nature on various crabs, to change it up a bit I modified it in 3D.

About a 4 Hr build, with 2 Hrs to set up and render it out in the scene. A fun little personal 3D Design project for me to pass some time this Holiday season.

Cheers, THOM

Friday, August 9, 2013

Project Review: Turbo-3D Character Placeholder Model 2011

 The final render delivered for the Teaser Comp pose for Turbo.

 The base Low Poly mesh I created for the Turbo Character Comp back in July 2011.

 The file with Turbo-smooth[ no pun] applied at one level[ ruff].

 The High Polygon final Mesh Subdivided for the Comp Teaser Poster presentations.

 Here is another angle showing the higher[ sub-division poly model] I built in Development.

Project Review
Turbo 3D Character Placeholder Model 2011

Client: Dreamworks Animation via Midnight Oil Creative
Art Direction: Christine Schweiger
Project Date: July 2011.

I regularly build out 3D assets for my clients from the various films they advertise for to use in the various posters, trailers, and websites they build, and sometimes I build something that only exists in concept form, or a 2D painting, because it is early in production. Today we review a project like this for Dreamworks.

Midnight Oil contacted me to build out the main  3D Character for the newly produced Dreamworks film, Turbo, and I was off to building back in the Summer of 2011.

 The main Character was designed out as a 2D Concept Art Painting, and they did not have the model yet, so I built this from a single 2D concept piece and created the above 3D Character Illustration for Turbo.

A fun job, as I get only a few 3D Character jobs per year as 3D Logos are my bread and butter, but I do love to do these fun jobs in-between too.

Cheers, THOM

Friday, May 3, 2013

Online Emoticons 3D Design and 3D Animation PART II :The Bomb, and The Magic "Ocho"2007

 Here is the final TNT "Da' Bomb" Emoticon I designed, built, and animated in 3D for this mini Icon from back in 2007.

 Here is the Polygon wire-frame showing the subdivided 3D Build.

The Low Resolution view of the TNT stack.

 An exploded parts shot of the little build for this prop. A bit of "Toony" style added to the shapes.

The Final Render of the Magic "Ocho" fortune ball.

The smoothed mesh is a simple modified primitive.

The base Polygon Mesh[ No Subdivision Added]

 An exploded view of the three parts in this simple animated Icon.

Project Review
Online Emoticons 3D Design and 3D Animation
PART II :The Bomb, and The Magic "Ocho"2007

Client: Cimarron Interactive Division.
Art Direction: Scott Addison Clay.
Project Date: May 2007.

In this second part in my series of the quick work I had to create some 3D Emoticons for use on a clients custom built website, I will cover two more Icons I created and animated for the Interactive Division at The Cimarron Group from back in 2007 of a simple Magic Ocho Ball, and a little TNT bundle that blows up with cartoon flags.

I worked in Television animation for a number of years so I was familiar with creating toon styled characters, and these little quick 3D Icons were a fun project to use that skill set on again, as the bulk of my work at the time was 3D Logos and Photoreal 3D Illustrations, so a fun little animated object like these was a nice change up.

I delivered 60 frames of animation for each of the four Emoticons I designed and Animated in 3D for this little gig. Fun and fast!

You can look at PART I here.

                                Cheers, THOM

Monday, April 29, 2013

Project Review: Online Emoticons 3D Design and 3D Animation:PART I Chattering Teeth 2007

 The final 3D Design for the main Chattering Teeth Emoticon I did back in 07'

 The base model I made for this design I did all in 3D[ though I do sketch some]

 The subdivided 3D asset with smoothing added the the half of parts that are build as Quads.

 The Sombrero version was rendered at a higher angle to show off the hat more[ as directed].

 The base model with the hat addition included in this alternate concept.

 A fully smoothed out version of the model.

 Here is a Exploded view showcasing all the various parts I made in the creation of this little 3D Animated Character I designed in 2007 while at The Cimarron Group.

Project Review
Online Emoticons 3D Design and 3D Animation
PART I Chattering Teeth 2007

Client: Cimarron Interactive Division.
Art Direction: Scott Addison Clay.
Project Date: May 2007.

Back in 2007, I was still running my 3D Department of 1+ at The Cimarron Group providing 3D Design, 3D Modeling, and 3D Animation services to a full mix of advertising clients in Print, Web, and AV, and for today's posting, I am covering a project where I was tasked with creating some 3D Emoticons for an online project.

An "Emoticon" is an emotional animated Icon we see in e-mails with a little face, but taken to a much higher level to an actual 3D Character design. I was tasked with designed out four to five of these little gems that in final form were only 100 x 150 pixels in size[ a button], and would animate across the screen when you interacted with them.

Fist up in this series, is my PART I, covering the chattering teeth.

I did two versions, as they wanted one plain without a hat, and one with a hat, specifically a Sombrero. I created the base design in just under an hour and began to rig it for the animations and adjustments that would come. I built about half of the file as a subdivision model so I could increase the complexity if they did want it rendered or seen much bigger, but the micro final size of 150 pixels is so small it was not necessary to build it all that way, because as with all 3D jobs, the budget was micro so I had to create this much faster at the lower cost for them, so I went with a fast and dirty approach to the file.

As a 3D Designer trained in Industrial Design The "widget" or product in this case a cartoony styled set of chattering teeth is only the first part of my responsibility, as I must design it to fit the budget and parameters of the project and actually work for a paying client. That is something that goes well beyond a mere deadline on a piece of design or artwork, but the creation of a workable production line to create the 'wdiget' on time, on budget, and approved by the one paying for it.

Look for PART II in the future with a few more of these 3D Animated Emoticons.

                                Cheers, THOM

Friday, April 12, 2013

Project Review: Night at the Museum PART III: T-Rex Head and Neck sculpt

The Final shot of the T-Rex Head and Spine I made for the first Night at The Museum advertising work back in 2006.

 I did a few alternates at a high and low angle as some comps needed a different angle and this is where 3D illustration becomes the best cost solution to the graphics needed.

I low angled shot of the head edge lit.

The base Poly as I built it ready for the subdivision to be added.

Here I have applied a subdivision to the Polygon Mesh at a low level of one.
[ quadruples the face count=4x]

The levels of subdivision were increased and for most shots this level worked fine.

A look at the Head and Neck Spine as built for a few 3/4 angles to show the full build needed.

Project Review
Night at the Museum

PART III: T-Rex Head and Neck sculpt
Client: Twentieth Century FOX via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: Summer 2008.

For this  my third posting on the 3D Illustration and Motion Graphics Animation work I did for the advertising campaign for the two films, Night at the Museum, and today I am focusing on the T-Rex Head I sculpted out in 3D to have for 3D illustrations for the two films.

I have posted a shot in the past here, so today I cover a behind the Art build of that 3D Illustration in more detail.

I hand built the skull first as we had a little T-rex model we got online that was a bit cartoony in the face, so I rebuilt the head and neck as seen here for the majority of he comps as they all used the head poking into the shot at some point, so I built it out subdivision to use for close and long shots. I then added the neck too as that was also too rounded and not matching up to the film scrap I had at the time.

I also used the Simbiont Dark Tree procedurals to get the bone texture just right, as well as the Final Render Dirt Shader to get the aging into the nooks and cranny's in the head. The final finish was a black tar finish similar to the Museum bones found in the film.

You can review PART I here showcasing both films I did work on for the Advertising, or PART II with the Tablet here.

Cheers, THOM

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Project Review Solar Energy Robot Design 2011 PART II

The Final Design with the Character Design Sheet with turns: Full render Medium REZ.

The base Quad Polygon Models for the Turn Around.

A simple pose with the head up.

A Worms Eye up angle shot on the Energy Robot I did for The AIM Agency.

The final was to have minimal "anamatronic" use, so the arms would move around to greet folks at the conventions.

A a subdivision model it is good from long shots, to close ups and the data can be used for 3D printing of the parts with the subdivision set high, or it can also be converted for Solid Works data as well with this.

Project Review
Solar Energy Robot Design 2011

Client: The AIM Agency.
Art Direction: Jeff Symon.
Project Date: October 2011.

This is my second posting on this little "Energy Robot" I designed out for the AIM Agency here in California back in 2011, and today I cover what we ended up with as a final to be built out for the convention use.

Shorty, as I called him became that way when I took out an entire digit from the legs to bring the size of the Robot to a proportion so we could get a bigger touch screen in the chest. I also simplified the solar arrays and wrap mounted them right onto the "Bot".

The character "Sunny" a Solar Energy Robot also needed some sunglasses added to give him a bit more fun in his disposition, so they were built as well.

The client liked the Golds Gym bodybuilder feel to him which was a bit intentional as I called him a Shorty Terminator, and the glasses helped that out as well.

It is always fun doing Robots.

You can view PART I here.

Cheers, THOM