Friday, October 17, 2014

Project Review: 3D Subdivsion Architectural Modeling for Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC High End Violin Case PART I

Since I was just delivering 3D Models no textures to my final renders for approvals.

 The case seen in base mesh[ no Sub-D] is a full 360 model[inside and outside with an hinged cover].

 The above shot of the Violin case with one subdivision added to smooth out the geometry.

 The full case open in low poly base form.[ NOTE: Violin is a stock model]

 The handles, and stitching is seen in this low polygon shot.

 The subdivided above shot of the 3D Violin Case I built in 3DSmax 2013.

 Inside the Lid of the case in Low-Poly.

 Medium Polygon[ subdivision on Level-1] of the case lid details.

 On the far side of the Lid you find the locks to hold the bow.

 A Medium rez shot of the bow-Lock side in the Lid of the virtual lid.

 An exploded view shows the build groups and modeled details in sticking zippers etc.

 Details in the Low poly exploded view.

 All the separate parts made to create the leather handles on the Virtual Violin Case.

 Close up and the parts compartment in the lower case in Ultra-High Subdivision.

 A view of the Lid fully subdivided.

Project Review:
3D Subdivsion Architectural Modeling for Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC
High End Violin Case PART I

Client:Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC
Art Direction: Michael Golden.
Project Date: July 11th, 2014.

I was contacted by an architectural firm out in NYC to assist in some 3D furniture and furnishing for them, and today in PART I in a series covering these builds I am showcasing a High End Violin Case I made for them.

I had some shots of the case, and built out all the parts to match a stock 3D violin they provided to scale the case to. This is a full subdivision 3D quad model and needed a high level of detail to achieve a photo-real look.

A very fun project with a lot of tiny detail. the 3D stitching, the sipper cloth and teeth, inner and outer shell parts all made this a very fun build.I will be posting many more 3D stock I built for them.

Cheers, THOM

Monday, September 8, 2014

Project Review: 3D Illustration for Blue-Ray packaging for State Fair 60th anniversary edition 2009

 The final delivered 3D Background render I did for the Blue-ray/DVD re-release for the film, State Fair.

 Here is the comp layout with bleed added for my background alignment in camera

 The color version just prior to final was locked in at about 90%. I added flags, streamers, and raised the Ferris wheel up a bit for the final.

The 3D Confetti render pass. I used the ground plane and used the scatter object in 3DS max to efficiently get this done on time.

A Polygon view from camera show the main props built[ Pr-final]

A close up on the Ferris Wheel model.

 A Close up shot of the foreground tent.

 This Birds-Eye shot shows the extend of the full 3D build I made for this background image.

Project Review

3D Illustration for Blue-Ray packaging for State Fair 60th anniversary edition 2009

Client: Menagerie Creative.
Creative Director: Cheryl Savala.
Project Date: November 2009.

I was asked to help create a background image for the 60th anniversary edition of Rogers and Hammerstein's classic film,State Fair for Menagerie Creative back in 2009, a regular client of mine, and today I cover the build I did for this fun and fast turn over Home Entertainment gig.

As a 3D artist I do a lot of poster work 3D Illustration ,and over half my work are for the 3D logos I provide, but the rest are these 3D backgrounds, where the photography does not exist, or is just too difficult to access, so they call me to make it from scratch.

 I was not given much scrap reference when I began the gig, but it was a straight forward build to create a 3D State Fair background image to be used behind the colorized images for the cover key art of the main characters, so off I went.

I researched old Ferris wheel designs, and Circus tent looks for the era, and I then built out the detailed versions as seen above. I also built out some 3D confetti to add in on a layer.

After I hand built the assets, textured them up, and set it up to go, I rendered the shot out and delivered to the client as a layered PSD file with alpha channels and Z-Depth channels. 

The shot never went to finish, however as with all 3D work it was a fun process with a great client.

Cheers, THOM

P.S. As a FYI to any regulars here,posting was on hold due to a family death. I plan to return to my regular posting moving forward.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Project Review: HBO Series:The Leftovers 2014- 3D Logo Development..

This is the first 3D Title Treatment Design I did for the HBO series, The Leftovers. Shattered 3D Logo and Glass at a low camera angle.

 A Polygon shot of that scene showing the quad output for the objects.

A close up view of the center of the shattered title.

Here is the above type without the glass objects at a more straight angle.

 A Second concept with a different lower case treatment, shattered over glass again.

The above text by itself as an alternate render. One big value of 3D logos are the number of variants produced with the same assets, so the client gets more options.

A third design I did in 3D over and inside the glass.

That same design file straight on for a billboard.

A close up on the shattered parts moved about to show some randomness while remaining legible. 

A 3/4 shot in polygon form as Quads.

Project Review
HBO Series:The Leftovers
3D Logo Development..
March 2014.

Client: HBO via  The Leroy and Rose Agency.
Art Direction: Melchior Lamy.
Project Date: March 2014.

Back in March I was hired to assist in a presentation to HBO for the new HBO Series, The Leftovers, to create some 3D Title Treatments for my client Leroy and Rose.

At the time I did not know much about the series, but the dark nature and shattered logos were reflected in the various 3D Logo looks I was asked to create.

I have done shatter logos in the past, here, here, here, here, and here, so I have a technique to do this quick enough to preset within a day, so I was off once I was given the vector files for the type picked by the clients.

Broken glass and shattered 3D logos all in white reflected the storyline with the "GR's", or the Guilty Remnant, so apart from some aging and lighting effects, whtie on glass, and white on a dark background was the order of the day for these looks.

A fun project, though none went to finish I was able to create some fun designs and polish up on my shattered technique, as I get asked to do this look quite a bit.

Cheers, THOM

Monday, July 28, 2014

Project Review: 300 Rise of an Empire 2013-PART II

 The final rendered image as delivered for the Comp Presentations.

The Ambient Occlusion Dirt Shader pass[ 2nd render]used in the final as an overlay.

The Z-Depth Channel pass: Distance based editing on a pixel by pixel basis.

The low poly base geometry I built for the comp.

A 3/4 side shot of the center of the virtual set I made.

Close up on the rack full of shields.

The back cabin with the decking all modeled with rivets and planking crowed on all surfaces for good reflection and shader falloff.

 The low poly base mesh in this overall view shows that I made only what was needed, a technique I learned early on in my career doing set design.

Project Review
300 Rise of an Empire 2013 PART II

Client: Warner Bros via Gravillis Inc.
Art Directors:Team.
Project Date: March 2013.

I was asked to help out with the One Sheet creative development process on the second 300 film; 300 Rise of an Empire back in 2012 , and another client also came to me with a need so the next year in March of 2013, I created a detailed back half of the ship deck for a One Sheet presentation they were making for the payoff posters.

I was given a rough shot of the actors to match lighting and angle, and a single shot from the backstage from the film of the set itself. I had just a day to do this, as most deadlines are very fast in Theatrical Entertainment, so I build as much as I could get in the design with some simplification to meet the deadline.

Overall I matched the look and feel and the client took delivery of the multi-layered PSD file with an ambient pass, as well as alpha channel, and a Z-Depth pass for distance based editing to drop the ship into the fog as it went back into scene.

A fun one day gig.

If you want to see the medium resolution ships I built the prior year for another client[ so I was already familiar with the vessel] you can review that here. I also did a small online part for the first one here as well.

Cheers, THOM

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Project Review: Sol-Simple Solar LLC: Facility 3D Architectural Rendering 2013

Here is the first set-up for this Architectural Exterior render with all the elevations built to scale and placed in 3D ready to build out.

 The Ambient rendered version of the final design. I love old architecture specifically from this time period so I had a grand time making all the various parts, and reused a few items I had built out f prior as well.

 The final-toon Toon-Shader Illustration render is my favorite with aged parchment paper as the background and my Sumi stamp signature in the lower Left Corner.

 A close up shows how the modeled bricks render with the toon shader.

 Here are the cinder blocks and brick in the ambient and the dirt shader finds those cracks and enhances them very well.

 A Exploded view shows the basic parts and build for the image, grouped and named for easy finding and adjusting a workflow tool I've used since my Disney daze.

 A close shot on the exploded view with trim and door and window details.

 A view of the side with barn doors re-purposed from this.

A vintage photo of the building when it was still a Ford Dealer and repair.

Project Review
Sol-Simple Solar LLC
Facility 3D Architectural Rendering 2013

Client: Sol-Dimple Solar LLC.
Creative Direction: Don Dicky[ Owner]
Project Date: December 2013.

Late last year I was asked to help create an architectural rendering for a proposed Building renovation, that would also be printed up as a poster. The client is an old friend from High School out in Texas now, working in the Solar Industry, and as a fellow Ford Motor Company Fan, he purchased the very first Ford Dealer in Texas and is renovating it for his Solar Company.

So, I got the photos and basic dimensions and the direction that Don wanted to go on,  and proceeded to build it out in 3D. As with most Architectural and Furniture work I build a vector file of the elevations to scale before I go full dimensional as shown above.

Once I had that done, I stated building out all the various components in 3D, all as Quad Subdivision surfaces for better detailing. I do not map bricks, I build them, gives me more control with lighting and shaders.So, once it was all finished up we did a few revision rounds and added in lighting and some foliage as well as the vintage Ford and Gas Pumps out front.

A super fun little project that was eventually rendered out big at 9000 pixels wide for a full sized 20" x 30" poster in the Toon shader look. I even redid my signature in 3D for this as well,and a semester of Sumi Painting at ACCD heavily influenced my Japanese character'esue vertical reading name ID.

A d super fun project for me to be apart of. 

Cheers, THOM