Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Project Review: The Flash 2014-3D Logo Exploration-PART II

 This "The Flash' 3D Logo was done with a mini-bevel in ruby glass, with a neon lip line, and the bolt is a stack of seven glowing objects stacked thru the glass letters.

 This version of the 3D Logo is a revers deep extruded face on a red metal with caustic turned on to get the reflection lighting inside the deep face.

 A matte red material on a heavy bevel, with the deep extrusion, a bit shallower than above, with caustics off for a more simple face detail.

This Flash 3D Logo has a bright polished metal edge with a warm reflection and a red center.
[ deep extrusion ].

 A Glass type version with a brushed stainless face inside inside the heavy bevel on the ruby glass.

This version has a rounded deep bevel with the face pulled back a bit to get a lip on the beveled edge. More matte materials here again with some self-illumination added to increase the brightness.

I flattened back the above logo and added motion blur behind it. I added caustics back to get the various bright spots on the face.

 A knife-edge bevel with the bottom tapered down as it touches the gloss black stage floor. Matte materials here to simplify the look.

 Here is the 3D Logo with a glass lightning bolt to reveal the type thru it, as well as another knife- edge design with an anodized aluminum material applied.

Project Review
The Flash 2014
3D Logo Exploration-PART II

Client: The CW via Leroy and Rose.
Creative Direction: Melchior Lamy.
Project Date: April 2014.

I've been doing work for Leroy and Rose for a bit, so when they called me to do some fast 3D logos for a Superhero property, The Flash, I was on board for a quick one day turn around project. I've done 1000's of 3D logos and many for superhero films, so I was more than ready to go on this, so today I have the second half of the work I did for this property.

Once again, the Flash was redeveloped for TV and the 2D logo design was locked from the client side, so I basically did dimensional versions in 3D.

I was given one day on this gig, so I hustled to create 19 designs in the time frame we were limited to. As will all 2D Logos, there are endless ways to make them 3D, from simple extrusions, bevels and fully modeling the text and bending and curving it.

I did as much as I could in the short one day, and was pleased with the results rendered and delivered.
You can review PART I here.

Cheers, THOM

Monday, December 15, 2014

Project Review Six Feet Under 3D Illustration for Key Art-Autopsy Table PART II

The main 'hero' shot provided was this front profile shot of the table. The AD's added a body to some of the comps on top as well[ do not have those].

 The main shot as a ploy render.

 A Tilted up camera above the 3D Autopsy Table Top from the HBO series, Six Feet Under advertising.

 A Polygon elevated view showing my 3D build.[Pre-Quads]
 A closer view of the complete set of Autopsy Tools used.

 A Poly view of the Autopsy Tools I build out.

 A closer shot on the feet end of the table with the faucets.

 Close up on the NURM's built out handles[ n-Power]
 Close up on the Poly view of the handles[ n-Power]

 An overhead top down birds eye view of the Autopsy Table build.

 An elevated slightly view from the Head side of the table.

 The Polygon view of the end of the Autopsy Table model.

 A close up view on the tool-set with a bit of Depth of Field added.

 The tool-set view in ambient render here.

 A full exploded view of the build highlighting some of the basic components in the 3D build.

 A closer view of the various Autopsy tools including the bone saw, rib separator and a variety of scalpels and hemostats.

Project Review
Six Feet Under
3D Illustration for Key Art
Autopsy Table


Client: HBO via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Chad Robertson, Calvin Sumler, Joseph Stamper.
Project Date: . Spring 2004

I worked on the advertising Key Art for the HBO series, Six Feet under, for the last two seasons before it went off the air.

It spanned even a job switch as I did some work at BLT and associates first, then when I moved to The Cimarron Group the project jumped over to us , so I continued work.

Today in PART II, I am covering the build out of an Autopsy Table for the various Ideas I illustrated in 3D for the Art Director team.

I built out the table as well as a full set of tools for close ups, and did a set of renders that were presented for various campaign solutions.

The 3D Virtual model was then re-purposed and is for sale online as a stock 3D model in the full set as well as just the tools. Both sets available in 3DS, and MAX formats still. A fun gig!

You can view PART I here to see an overview of the various 3D Images I created from scratch.

Cheers, THOM

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Project Review 3D Logos for Freddy vs. Jason 2002 PART III

A Procedural Texture with a bitmap surface color was done on this deeply extruded version for Freddy vs' Jason back in 2002. 

 A corroded aluminum material was used for this blood soaked look for a 3D logo for F'v'J.

I took the texture from up top and re-lit it and added a red back volumetric glow.

 A basic warm to cool lighting on this italic version of the 3D Logo with a bit of blood red indicated in the red colored top lighting.

 A very heavy block bevel on the initials with a very small on on the smaller inset and thinner 'vs' inside the 3D Logo design I did for Freddy versus Jason back in 02.

 A Heavy brushed steel face with a rusted cast bevel and extrusion in this version of the 3D logo mark I did.

 An even more extreme of the above concept again with a polished and brushed face, and a very dirty corroded case bevel and extrusion. I did the VS is a polished metal to read better.

 I had to build out a Statue of Liberty for another project and had created this verde-aged copper paneled look and one Art Director requested a version with this look.

 A very flat panel look on a dark steel back wall for this design with a micro-bevel
[ almost just an extrusion ]

 I removed the wall and extruded back to infinity[ and beyond!] and spattered a bit of blood on the lower third of this 3D Logo style sheet.

 A DA sanded metal deep version with a glass Ruby inset 'vs' inside.[ Again blood red]

Project Review
3D Logos for Freddy vs. Jason 2002

Client: New Line Cinema via BLT and Associates.
Art Director:Hunger Lam, and Scott Painter.
Project Date: Fall 2002.

Back in 2002, I had a chance to do a few Teaser Poster Icons for the match up film Freddy vs. Jason taking two American Horror film Icons, Freddy Kruger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise,and pairing them up against each other, and today I've posted my final set of  3D Logos I developed for the initial presentations in this final PART III posting.

I experimented with various Procedural textures to get the aged and rough look as well as overlays of blood and grime to dirty up this Title treatment.

You can review PART I here.
And PART II here.

Cheers, THOM

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

3D Stock Model Build Review: Walk Sign-Street Signal Box: Built for online sales 2005.

The main shot showcasing the Virtual 3D Model of a typical Walk Sign from the USA.
 The Polygon render shows this was a NURBS build converted to polys.

I lower angle similar to what you'd see from standing near to one.

The Polygon render of the Walk signal shows the details a bit more in how it was built.

A SIde view render shows the J-Box and-clamped to the galvanized steel lamp post.

The Poly render shows the real threading cut into the Conduit in this side shot.

This Birds Eye lower perspective view of the walk signal shows the top of the main single molded part box.

The Polygon shows the build out.

Tested out a bit of Depth-of-Filed[ DOF] on the virtual camera.

The Poly Render up top shows all the tiny parts in this build out.

An extrene Birds Eye view right down the Light pole.
The converted Nurbs to Poly Mesh for this build is seen in these Ambient wireframe renders..

An exploded parts view showing all the various pieces I hand made in 3D.

 Close on the J-Box shows the 'SAE' modeled into the bolt head, as well as the threading, the star washer, flat one and lock nut.

  A close up on the Front Lid hardware and modeled in tabs are detailed in this view.

3D Stock Model Build Review
Walk Sign Street Signal Box: Built for online sales 2005.

Client: The Cimarron Group for Stock 3D Model Sales.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: May 2005.

In '05 I was still in-house at The Cimarron Group, and I regularly built out highly detailed 3D Models for sale online, and today I am reviewing a 3D model I made of  typical Walk Sign you would see on most any intersection in the USA.

I enjoy building common objects found within city's to go with the old architecture builds I do. I sell online, my own models,  as well as the catalog of 3D models I built for sale by my prior employer as seen here, of which this walk sign is still available online.

I have built out a few common props including the pay phone and parking meter., and these objects though common are very recognizable, so you cannot 'fake' much and still get a convincing prop, so I gathered a lot of photos scrap before beginning, and working in Hollywood at the time, I simply would go out to lunch and snap a few pics on Santa Monica Blvd.

This model is still online for sale by my past employer The Cimarron Group, though they are no longer in business, and can be purchased in the 3DS-max native format here, or exported as a 3DS file for other apps here.

I will continue showcasing many of the stock 3D models I have from various companys I have prepared them for in future posts.

Cheers, THOM