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Project Review: Shark Tale 3D Logo Development and 3D Illustrations 2003

 The First Pass at the Title treatment back early on when the film was proposed to be called Shark slayer, but they removed the slayer as this was a children's animation.

 The Second Title tried was "a Shark's Tale" but they ended up taking of the Plurality.

 The final Designs I did in 3D prior to my departure over to The Cimarron Group, was this last Title rendered at a HUGE 9000 pixel wide finish, where a typical One-sheet Logo final is 4500 pixels wide.

A sheet of 3D Bubbles with the animation standard of a little four-pane window reflecting there under the water....:o)

Here is a shot of the spray paint can for some comp ideas early on.

Project Review
Shark Tale 3D Logo development and 3D Illustration

Client: Dreamworks Animation SKG via BLT and Associates.
Creative Director: Warren Nung. 
Project Date: Fall 2003.

This was one of my final projects back in the fall of 2003 when I was still the in-house 3D design department at BLT and Associates. I had done quite a few projects for Warren, as he was the third Creative Director that I had worked with back then, so he put me on 3D Logo development for the film posters.

When often begin a title treatment for a film that is still in script form, so a lot will change, and in this case the actual name of the film changes three times while I worked on the Theatrical Advertising campaign. It started as Sharkslayer, then was changed to, "A Shark's Tale", and it ended up being named "Shark Tale".

I built out the text a few times with the letters gimballed about 3 degrees so the right edge of each letter overlaps the next letter. I did a few variations of each, but the sharks"fin" in the title's letter H stayed the whole time, as the producers loved the fish in the "O" in the logo for the Pixar film, Nemo a whole bunch, so we added in a few sea creatures into the fonts.

I also did some cartoony - realistic bubbles with the typical " four-pane window reflection in them[ No windows under water], so they were a stylized overlay that the various Art Directors, and Creative Directors could add in bubbles into the comp ideas.

Cheers, THOM

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