Monday, June 20, 2011

Project Review: Eloise at the Plaza (2003)

Based on the Cover from the book "It's Me Eloise" done for the Disney Film Comp Ideas we pitched in 2003.

A fast build no-quad modeling yet as was still learning that back then, so I built this in about 1.5 Hrs.

Close up details on the Mantle Design for the Design Comp for the Eloise film.

The Alternate design we did of the Elevator scene from the book.

We did this one with the doors closed all the way, half open, and fully open for various ideas for Eloise.

A close up on the Elevator Dial with the flower detail from the Fireplace being reused again.

Eloise at The Plaza 2003

Client Walt Disney Pictures via BLT and Associates.
Art Director: n/a.
Project Date: March 2003.

A quick 3D Illustration Job I performed at BLT and Associates while running the in-house 3D Design Department. I had to match some sketches from the classic Eloise Children's books as a backdrop for the One Sheet. We used the fireplace from the book " It's Me Eloise", and the elevator shot as well.

Above you see the images as well as the raw 3D models showing how I quickly built them out for the images needed in a single day turn around.

Cheers, THOM

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