Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Project Review: SEGA's Molecule Man Part II- 1995

 Here is the final Color-erase line art for Molecule Man in Metal. You can see the Marker Comp Color Key here.

 Here is the rough sketch that preceded the above drawing, a bit quicker of a comp.

 Molecule Man as Vapor. I had his extremities 'leak' a bit of smoke constantly in the design.

 Molecule Man as water. The Color is here.

Project Review:
SEGA Interactive- Molecule Man 1995
Part II

Client: SEGA Interactive Group.
Art Director n/a.
Project Date: Summer 1995.

This is my second posting for the brief work I did for Sega out in Diamond Bar CA. back in 1995 for the video game called Molecule Man.

They hired me as a conceptual designer to develop the looks of the character as he would transform from one element to another. I did the various versions in Water, Vapor, Metal, Glass etc.

For todays posting, I have the final line are for a few designs as well as the rough sketch for the metal version we used to move ahead with the poses. I happened to have just finished my Phantom 2040 work so was versed in tight fitting superhero drawing as I had been doing it for a few years by then.

You can review my first post here.

Cheers, THOM

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