Friday, August 5, 2011

Nature of Materials PART I: Fur and Hair Shaders

A Sample with 'cut ends' to emulate St Augustine grass with some wave in the effect.

A thinner rye grass with sharp ends in a darker and more wavy look.

A cut yellow fur shader with thick hairs.

A thin brown fur shader with color variation and sharp hi-lights.

I shorter GI-Joe Fuzz-head look for a tight buzz cut.

A sharp spiked look with dual layers of hair, a smaller full and a longer spike layer.

Nature of Materials PART I
Fur and Hair Shaders

Today I post some examples of using the fur and hair utilities in 3DSmax. Fur and Hair shaders at one time were a luxury plug-in costing near $1000 bucks, where today they come standard with most 3D programs.

This has allowed all of us to use this powerful tool to create a multitude of effects. Hair and fur is perfect for wheat and grass, spikes and moss, mold and lichen, etc., with standard Fur and long hair only a few obvious uses with the tool. It is very customizable, so it has added a great resource for us designers to provide our clients a broader range of design work.

In 3DSmax the hair and fur modifier is a drag and drop utility, but be sure to up the MB's of RAM used or it will not render as this is a 'post effect', meaning that it is a fake, no geometry is really there unless you convert the shader to geometry. If you do convert this, it is locked in, so you cannot adjust the size color and placement, but you will be able to export it.

Cheers, THOM

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