Friday, October 15, 2010

Project Review: Underworld 2003

The Finished One-Sheet Teaser for Underworld using my 3D Illustration of the building.

An alternate comp idea where I matched a photo shoot angle and lighting for a rooftop view.

A roof down view for a comp idea.

We originally had an archway in the finish for the pay-off One-Sheet, but it was removed at the last minute.

With the Werewolves living in the Budapest sewers I did a few 3D Illustrations for various comps.

An alternate Comp underground where the Werewolves live

A specific castle part used in the film I recreated in 3D for some comps.

A long shot building view for a pay off ides I did.

Another alternate angle using the building parts form the Teaser Poster for Underworld.

This is the view that made it to Finish for the Teaser Poster and DVD cover.

This was used on the back of the DVD packaging for some International releases.


Client:Screen Gems via BLT and Associates
Art Director(s): Dustin Stanton, Chad Robertson, Josiah Ludavico.
Project Date: Spring 2003.

While at BLT and Associates I had the pleasure of working on the first Underworld film, and made a finish with the Eastern European Architectural building that I designed and built for the teaser one-sheet. I did mostly 3D environments and no Logos which was rare as I usually do the Logo first. We reused the ledge and I made multiple areas for Kate Beckinsale to stand on for DVD and Home entertainment work. All in all a very enjoyable project to work on.

Cheers, THOM

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