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Project Review Launch City Part XII[Twelve] Launch City Redesign: Hotel Ten

This is the main interface for Launch City[ CD_ROM and Online] and the Hotel is front and center[ covered by the video board]

A ground level shot showing the whole building unobstructed. These original renders were small by today's standards, and is only 640 pixels wide.

A shot at the entryway, ready to use for our advertisers.

An overhead render with some gobo lights projecting the then current logo.

Here are the wireframe/Ambient render showing the build from 13 years back.

A closer render showing a bit of the amphitheater and park right off the side.

 A closer render of the upper floor area with the roof top billboard.

The entryway wire frame render of Hotel Ten.

An overhead shows that I hid most of the city as it did not show in the shots and the renders were extensive as this scene had a million faces which back in 2000 was very heavy in scene size.

 Project Review
Launch City Part XII[Twelve]
Launch City Redesign: 
Hotel Ten
Client: Launch Media Inc.
Art Director: Myself
Project Date: 1999

This is my 12th posting on the redesign work I did back in Y2K on LAUNCH city for Once I had filled in and designed all main buildings I had a lot of filler space to fill between the 10 or so sponsored spaces , and today I look a bit close at one of these virtual buildings, called Hotel Ten.

Living in So-Cal you have to deal with  horrible traffic,and when I worked at Launch it was a 51 mile commute one way and in LA traffic terms in 2000, that was a 2 hour commute. So I often got caught up on the 10 Freeway just south of downtown LA, and there is a great old building right next to the freeway, and that became the main inspiration for this Hotel Ten as I called it.

The theory was we wanted to create a series of fun generic spaces we could sell off to advertisers as virtual real estate, a space in the city. We offered to virtually demolish a structure and re-build a new space if needed, or retrofit the exiting spaces as this one was created for. I then rendered out a set of shots of the building that we presented to clients. This was front and center of the load screen so the space had a higher rate than a background one.

I have many posts covering the various locations that we sold off as virtual real estate to advertisers, with all the links below to my prior postings, and look for more posts in the future as well.

Cheers, THOM

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