Friday, August 13, 2010

Project Review:Silverstri California Xmas Catalog 92' PART II

Silvestri Stylized Childrens Mannequin Heads.

Silvestri Stylized Toy Replacement Heads.

Silvestri Racks for Mannequins.

Column Sections Part II.

Small Busts for post mounting.

A very large Fiberglass Vase Urn.

Girls Mannequin busts.

A Stylized Mannequin Head.

Some Silvestri Kids Mannequins.

Project Review:Silvestri California Xmas Catalog 92' PART II

Client: Silvestri California.
Art Director: Bill Daniels.
Project Date Fall 1992

In Part II of my work I did for Bill Daniels at Silvestri which manufactured store mannequins and fixtures. I did some design and illustration for them on and off for a few years, and this continuation is the remaining pages from the Christmas Catalog I hand Illustrated for them.

Cheers, THOM

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