Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pro-Bono Holiday Work

Christmas Story Visitation.

Shepherd quake...

The King.

The Miracle.

Hebrew class alphabet poster design as a single point beveled text with paint drips-[SPB].

A painted flatter version of the above poster for Hebrew classes.

Holiday Works.

I do not work for free, and I encourage every artist I know to consider SPEC for what it is, theft. Pro Bono or charity work however, is unpaid service for a non-paying charity like a church or synagogue or school. This I encourage ALL artists to get involved in.

Above I have two projects for my Jewish and Christian friends and colleagues that I have done some work for over the last few years. I illustrated the Christmas Story for a friends Sunday School class, and I did a rainbow painted Aleph[ letter A] for a colleagues Hebrew Class.

It was fun, fast, and simple projects that I did not charge for and I recommended if you do have talent to give some away Pro-Bono, but never give free work to someone who themselves are making a profit on the work, but refuse to value your contribution by paying you.

Cheers, THOM

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