Monday, January 12, 2015

Project Review: Six Feet Under[HBO]- 3D Illustration for Key Art The Coffin PART III

The polygon build out for this prop from over a decade ago for Six Feet Under is seen in this ambient render with wireframe.

 The final prop rendered out.

The Lowering device has a privacy curtain all around the ends and back.

 Here is a render of the virtual coffin 3D stock model end.

A birds eye view looking down on the closed coffin in wireframe.

 A fully rendered 3D Coffin on a virtual stage set.

A worms eye ground level view looking up at he 3D model of a Coffin I made for 6 feet Under in 04'

 That Low angle fully rendered out.

 A close-up detail of the grab handles and corner column trimmings.

 The corner close up fully textured out in this 3D render.

A low angle again straight at the 3D Coffin Model.

The fully rendered black and gold coffin at the low angle from the front.

 The exploded view shows the various parts hand-built in 3D for this Virtual Photo-Shoot for Six Feet Under for HBO back in 2004.

Project Review
Six Feet Under HBO
3D Illustration for Key Art
The Coffin-PART III

Client: HBO via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Chad Robertson, Calvin Sumler, Joseph Stamper.
Project Date: . Spring 2004

I worked on the advertising Key Art for the HBO series, Six Feet under, for the last two seasons before it went off the air.

It spanned even a job switch as I did some work at BLT and associates first, then when I moved to The Cimarron Group the project jumped over to us , so I continued work.  Today in PART III, I am covering the build out of a Coffin with the lowering apparatus that would be used at the grave site.

I built out the Coffin with all the various details added to make it look iconic and typical. Black with gold trim was used as they wanted the cover very dark for reflection use. [ See here ].

The 3D Virtual model was then re-purposed to be for sale online at Turbosquid, though the model was not ever posted, as my department was closed down before they shut down the whole thing.

You can view PART I here to see an overview of the various 3D Images I created from scratch.
You can view PART II: An in depth review of the Autopsy Table and Tool Set here.

Cheers, THOM

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