Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Project Review R.I.P.D-3D Virtual Set The Gold Fileroom Gravillis Inc. PART III

This early comp also used the white perp-rooms I made for another comp [Soon to post] floating in the space.

 In this last comp of the gold file-room for RIPD, I added in long drawers with photos and folders. This has the inset showing the comp alignment.

 I also did this version with a floor surface to line up with photography.
[ You can see the perspective difference which is needed to line up to the camera in the scrap]

A close up wall shot on one of the doorways in the RIPD golden fileroom.

A re-visist to the floating room version with more depth to this room.

A shot of just the room from R.I.P.D.

Project Review
R.I.P.D-3D Virtual Set
The Gold Fileroom
Gravillis Inc. PART III

Client: Universal Pictures via Gravillis Inc.
Art Direction: Vince Tran.
Project Date: Sept 2012.

I was sick for a few days, so my posting was delayed....

This is my fifth post for work I did for the Theatrical Advertising for the film R.I.P.D, as well as my third posting for R.I.P.D work that was performed for the Agency Gravillis Inc.

I was contacted by Vince to work on this next room. This  room was a big endless file room with the walls lined with file cabinets that they wanted to re-create for the posters, so I was off to build out a series of virtual backgrounds for the poster presentation.

As with all 3D Illustration we got creative with versions having floors and various openings so they could try a multitude of ideas all in one day. A 3D scene is easy to duplicate and adjust to create dozens of ideas all based on a few images from the film.

In 3D space, you build once and render many times,and this is where the saving is to be found, and I can create a series of variations using the same set pieces reconfigured a bit for each pass.

You can view the Gravillis Inc's R.I.P.D work as follows:

PART I here, the bank vault room.
PART II, the white jails.

Cheers, THOM

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