Friday, February 15, 2013

Project Review: Motion Graphics for Spongebob Movie 2004.

At frame 18 we see the big bubble with the quote inside rise into frame for this Sponge-bob MGFX card.

 By frame 28 we are entering the title safe area for the quote, as it still rises up.

 Around frame 38 the bib bubble "Pops" and reactor is used to birth the particle event for the mini bubbles left over.

 Once the big bubble pops, the quote drifts back down to the seafloor, and I used the gravity settings to get the drop just right.

 Here at frame 92 the quote is almost out of Title safe and the quick card is done.

 A screen capture of the scene showing the four rectangular lights I used [ Final Render Lights] to achieve the Faux Window reflection for the bubbles.

Project Review
Motion Graphics for Spongebob Movie 2003.

Client:Paramount Pictures /Nickelodeon Movies via The Cimarron Group.
Direction: Scott Fleisher.
Project Date: Summer 2004.

When I went over to The Cimarron Group in 2003 after successfully establishing a 3D Department at BLT a few years prior, and I went head first into a good amount of Motion Graphics work out of necessity over the years, as they did not have a 3D animator there for the majority of my stay, so I learned on project, and ended up finishing over 80 trailers with my 3D motion graphics frames handed off to the MGFX team there to finish up.

So today I am covering a look concept for a set of cards for the TV review spots that are done the weeks after the film Spongebob was released to help boost attendance by citing the reviews. 

For this concept, we put the review quotes into bubbles and used the font from the Main Title to match the look, and we would "Pop" the bubble to get the review to come out and float.

They wanted a cartoony Photo real-ish look, so I designed out a real bubble shader with a cartoony reflection and this is what they ended up using for the reviews.

A fun Reactor particle animation project in 3DS max for a fun little property.

Cheers, THOM.

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