Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Personal Project: My Bubble Car Design 1989-2011-PART III-More 3D Color variations

A Candy Paint in Magenta done using Cebas Final Render 3.0 for the renderer.

Here we see My Bubble Kar in Dark Moss Green Metallic Paint

Candy Apple Red! BAM!

A Dark Espresso or Mocha Metallic Paint, that rolled real dark as it falls on the back shapes. This was to emulate an old Candy Apple red technique where they would shoot black paint in the body folds to appear even deeper in the shadows.

I even did one in Bubble Car in basic primer grey to get the lighting down for a flat paint set up as well

Here is the Bubble Car is Suede paint, or a flattened black popular in the current Hot Rod culture.

Personal Project
My Bubble Car Design 1989-2011
Part III- More Color 3D Renders

This is my third post covering my personal project on My Bubble Car that was started back while I was still at Art Center in Pasadena CA. back in 1989 during my thirst term in Transportation Design 1. You can view the original design from that era here.

Today I am posting a few added color variations that I did back in 2007 on the project. I had a double use for the tests. I was setting up a base scene for a car render in the various colors so that when a job came in, like Mitsubishi did, I was ready to light and render a car fast in any color that they would want.

One thing I did was to meet with a fellow A.C.C.D. grad who specialized in Automotive Photography, and Jerry Garns was very helpful to our whole team of myself, Goutam Mitra, and Dean Fowler on a Honda pitch. we eventually won.

One thing I knew, and was reinforced even more, is that the car color requires a new light rig for every color as each paint scheme reacts very different to light. Lighter colors will wash out with the bright lights needed for a black sleek render, and a darker lighting scheme for a bright paint is too dim for a dark car paint as well.

Also as a Hot Rod and custom car enthusiast, I had to do a suede paint, or flattened black look in there too, I was inspired by a friend I do 3D design work for, Coby Gewertz in the Movie Poster world, who dubbed the Bubble Car, the future Model-T, ...the next T-bucket. It needs some Von Dutch pinstripes though IMAO.

I plan to revisit the design in the next few months if I have some downtime, to continue the design, as I have not touched it in over 4 years, and I am way past due, but I have been busy, so it can wait if needed.

PART I: here

PART II: here

Cheers, THOM


  1. Thank you so much for posting these incredible images. Absolutely inspirational work!

  2. Thank you for thew kind words.

    My Bubble Car is my baby! ;o)