Thursday, February 18, 2010

Project Review: Blue Diamond Almonds Spot

The Conveyor system that carries the Almond through the scene.

The "hand crank" dispenser for the front of the main drum's.

A hoist with the beam details[ southwestern designed].

A small "Hero" prop for close up's in measuring the almonds. [ brass and oak]

The main brick oven to roast the almonds.

The Giant main prop central to the spot for loading in the uncooked Almonds.

Blue Diamond Almonds TV Spot
Set Design

Client: Design Setters.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date Summer 1993

When I first came out of Art Center, I did set design for televeison commercials. A great variety of jobs and needs. Design Setters gave me my first job, and this was a follow up job a few years latter.

For Blue Diamond Almonds I helped design a lot of Practical props that needed to function for the spot. As an Industrial Designer vs. an Illustrator they tend to throw those jobs our way more often. Everything from roasting to checking the size of the almonds was in the storyboards so a designed out many areas.

The budgets were tight, so a single sketch for each area needed to address basic design and construction so they could get this done FAST. I delivered all the designs in less than a day and the spot was finished and aired. All and all a fun job for sure.

Cheers, THOM

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