Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3D Model Sales: Part XVIII WEB 3D-Icon Set #1

A shot of three test colors added to the WEB Icons I built out in 3D and sell at Turbosquid.

The base models are low resolution for very fast test animations and real time web applications. Add a Subdivision to get even smoother results for pre-rendered apps.

A 3/4 front view smoothed of the nine basic icons found on almost every website out there.

A quad low-poly view from the front/top.

From the top we see into the double sided trash can.

 With a Subdivision added at level 1 these smooth out well.

A low back view shows that these are 360 degree models ready to move fully around in your UX and UI work.

The base build in front view as exported to FBX and OBJ formats for a variety of graphics use.

A simple front render of the 3D WEB- Icons I sell online here.

A smoothed shot of the Icons from a Birdseye Perspective.

A Birds-eye shot down showing the quad build in low resolution.

 Here is a exploded view showing the various parts I built to create these little 3D web Icons.

3D Model Sales
WEB 3D-Icon Set #1

I sell my 3D models I build online as stock 3D models, similar to stock Photography to be used by design and graphics professionals within the various industries online at Turbosquid, the leading stock 3D model house, and for PART XVIII[18th] today, I am reviewing a set of nine little 3D Icons that every website has as a 2D item, that I sell online as 3D assets here.

All the familiar Icons including a shopping cart, a trash can, a little printer, a speaker with sound waves for sound, an open envelope for mail, and a big magnifying glass for search, a house for the home page, a padlock for passwords, and a cell phone for a mobile icon are included and great for a bit of 'squash-n-stretch' fun in your animated UI's.

As the web gets more and more animated and 3D, the icons and UI will adjust accordingly up to 3D, and become 3D across a larger segment and area of the web, so these icons are a little sample of designing in 3D what is typically handled in 2D.

A full 100% subdivision model ensures that you can increase the level of detail with the subdivision modifier applied in your program of choice as high as your processors can handle.

I export all my 3D assets to FBX and OBJ so my friends in Cinema 4D , Maya, and Soft-XSI can use these assets as well.

To view all my 3D models I sell, you can go here. If you want to see a couple of hundred of 3D models I built in the past that my prior employer still sells, you can go here too.

Cheers, THOM

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