Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Project Review: 3D Subdivision Architectural Modeling for Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC-Custom Mid Century Concrete LP-Turntable PART V

 The final Poly Mesh delivery to the client[ NOT Textured] of this custom Turntable.
 A Textured rendering of the player.
 An elevated front shot on the turntable subdivided quad model.

 A textured shot of the LP on the virtual turntable.

 A Birdseye view over the subdivided[ smoothed] mesh.

A rendering with textures above the player.

Close up details in the wireframe ambient render.

 Close up on the switch[ which I sell online and can be seen here]

 The side and back view subdivided with three levels of smoothing.

 The color rendering of the virtual stage prop so to speak.

 A low front view of the mesh.

 A Low front view rendered out in the sound stage[ virtual ].

 A low poly view as a group, and exploded out to show the parts in this build.

A view of the photos I was given to build from.

Project Review:
3D Subdivision Architectural Modeling

for Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC
Custom Mid Century Concrete LP-Turntable PART V

Client:Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC
Art Direction: Michael Golden.
Project Date: July 10th, 2014.

I was contracted by an architectural firm out in NYC to assist in building out some vintage 3D furniture as well as various props for the rooms to bring a level of realism to them, and today I have a fun fully custom LP Turntable I was tasked to recreate as a virtual counterpart to the original they were proposing.

I was given a few photos of the Turntable to re-create in 3D and built it out so that the client could drop it into the Architectural visualizations for the client.

Like the rest, I only was delivering a 3D model mesh to the client. I do a test image to test the surfaces as seen above, but the model itself is the deliverable in 3DSmax , FBX, and OBJ.

I can design, build, and render out, or do any one of these steps for my clients, so I get a range of projects from Architectural and Interior Design clients for Corporate, Retail, Theme Park, as well as here for residential.

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Cheers, THOM

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